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What is it you'd like to stop letting get in your way of your athletes' sports success? What can you do for them that will take them closer to the winner's circle?

You can have an internationally-recognized mental game expert come to your location to deliver an exciting program for your athletes. Bill Cole does a limited number of sports camp and team trainings and speeches annually.

Ten Ways These Programs Will Help Your Athletes Become More Successful

  1. Improve their self-confidence.
  2. Teach them new mental approaches.
  3. Improve their performance under pressure.
  4. Provide them with new levels of awareness about themselves as athletes.
  5. Stop them from mentally beating themselves up and self-destructing when they perform below expectations.
  6. Learn self-coaching skills that help them adjust and stay on track in competition.
  7. Gain more satisfaction from their sport.
  8. Reach new levels of performance.
  9. Counsel them in the "mental game" aspects of their sports career.
  10. Help them transfer the many mental lessons from sport to the rest of their lives.

What Your Athletes Will Learn

Each program is customized to your exact needs, based on a conversation you have with Bill far in advance of the program. Programs can include any or all of these 36 elements:

  1. Building Mental Toughness
  2. Thinking Like A Winner: Developing A Championship Mindset
  3. Building Self-Confidence
  4. Controlling Nerves In Competition
  5. Stopping Choking
  6. Attention Control Training (Concentration)
  7. Controlling Emotions
  8. Stopping Self-Sabotage
  9. Stopping The Fear Of Failure And The Fear Of Success
  10. Playing To Win Vs. Playing Not To Lose
  11. Visualizing Success
  12. Controlling The Controllables
  13. Avoiding Slumps, Staleness And Burnout
  14. Becoming A Tougher Competitor: The Will To Win
  15. Building The Killer Instinct
  16. Learning How To Psych Up For Practices And Coaching Sessions
  17. Knowing How To Get Into The Zone, Naturally And Easily, Every Time
  18. Harnessing The Secrets Of Game Momentum To Win More
  19. Motivation And Goal-Setting
  20. Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs
  21. Mental Readiness: Pre-Event
  22. Mental Readiness: In The Event
  23. Rituals And Routines
  24. Turning Stress Into Success
  25. Breathing For Peak Performance
  26. Finding Ideal Effort Levels
  27. The Art Of Ball Watching
  28. Mental Game Match Management
  29. Self-Coaching Skills
  30. Handling Mental Warfare In Sports: Gamesmanship And Ethics
  31. Practicing The Mental Game
  32. Sharpening Mental Tools On The Practice Court
  33. The Mental Game Off-Court
  34. The Mental Game In Lessons
  35. The Mental Game After The Match: Self-Review
  36. Winning The Mental Game Of Life: Lessons From Sport

26 Sports Psychology Approaches And Tools To Help Your Athletes Become More Successful

Programs can include any or all of these tools and methods:

  1. Assertiveness Skills Training
  2. Attention/Concentration Control Training
  3. Autogenic Training
  4. Behavior Modification
  5. Biofeedback And Psychophysiology
  6. Breathwork Training
  7. Centering And The Relaxation Response
  8. Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches
  9. Communication Training
  10. Conflict Management Skills
  11. Emotional Intelligence
  12. Injury Rehabilitation And Pain Management
  13. Inner Game Approach
  14. Journaling
  15. Life Balance Coaching
  16. Media Skills Training
  17. Mental Skills Training
  18. Mental Practice
  19. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  20. Mind To Muscle Relaxation Techniques
  21. Muscle To Mind Relaxation Techniques
  22. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  23. Problem Solving Skills
  24. Psychological Skills Training (PST)
  25. Self-Regulation Techniques

Speaking Program Fees

We quote each program fee on a sliding scale as a custom speaking fee. Bill's corporate and association speaking fees range from $7500 for a 90-minute keynote to $15,000 for a one-day program, plus expenses.

For school, academy, college and non-profit speaking programs, we dramatically lower these fees to make Bill's expertise available to organizations that would not ordinarily be able to bring him in. Typical school, academy, camp or non-profit speaking fees might be in the $800 to $4,000 range, or less, depending on certain variables.

For virtual presentations all prices quoted are 50% less.

Speaking fees are custom quoted based on these factors:

  1. Nearness to Bill's office in Palo Alto, CA, to reduce travel time

  2. Bill's availability

  3. Length of the program

  4. Number of participants

  5. Non-profit vs. for-profit organization

  6. Degree of customization required

  7. Pre-program and post-program work

  8. Workbook or handout customization

  9. Inclusion of Bill's products

  10. Trades or barters

  11. Number of dates booked (multiple guaranteed dates are discounted)

What Each Program Includes

  1. Bill Cole personally delivers each program.

  2. When appropriate, Bill can provide video clips of his TV show, The Mental Game, at no extra charge.

  3. A handout for each attendee that covers the content of the program. We may deliver the handout electronically to the meeting planner for distribution, or for an extra fee we will print copies for distribution.

  4. When appropriate, programs can be bundled with one of Bill's books or manuals, at either an extra fee or as part of the quoted fee.

  5. Anything else the sponsoring organization wants to include, at their expense. Examples are t-shirts, mementos, etc.

  6. Bill will make himself available at no extra charge to sign books immediately after the program.

Barter and Trades To Offset The Speaking Fee Discount

We may be able to arrange a partial trade or barter for speaking services. Please contact us for full details. Examples of possible barter items might be discounts or trade-outs from your vendors or program sponsors, such as vouchers for dining, sporting events, travel, hotel, apparel, etc.

Our Requirements For Each Program

Because these speaking fees are heavily discounted, all programs require the following:

  1. Thank you testimonial letter from the camp director or person in charge, following the program.

  2. Five minutes at the end of the program for attendees to complete a simple one page program evaluation.

  3. Travel expenses of hotel, plane, incidental travel fees, parking fees, all agreed-upon in advance.

Meet Bill Cole, Speaker and Trainer

"There is nothing more fulfilling for me than seeing my clients come full circle, to find the mental power they always possessed, but never realized."
Bill Cole MS, MA
The Mental Game Coach

Bill Cole, MS, MA, is an internationally recognized expert on peak performance, coaching and the mental game. He has been a mental coach to athletes in over 60 sports and has coached celebrities, world champions, world record-holders, national champions, professional athletes, national teams and competitors at all levels. He has coached at the highest levels of major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. His extensive background includes a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Sport Psychology, a Master of Arts in counseling psychology, a Master of Science in Sports Psychology and post-graduate training in various fields. He brings an outstanding, eclectic and well-rounded academic, clinical, research, educational and multidisciplinary approach to his work. Bill has been trained in numerous sports psychology approaches, and continues to expand his base of techniques. He trains and certifies mental game practitioners worldwide, as Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association.

His Sports Psychology Coaching web site is one of the most visited and awarded web sites in its field.

Bill appears on radio, TV and the print media regularly as an expert in sports psychology. Bill has spent considerable time in Hollywood, achieving credits as a Producer, Writer, Show Creator and TV Host, and has appeared on the Animal Planet TV Show on the Discovery Channel as an expert on human and animal behavior. He recently signed a deal to be Consulting Producer on a new Hollywood movie about Ultra Marathoners who are running a race across the Himalayas. He has canvassed the US shooting multiple TV pilots for his show The Mental Game TV Show, in tennis, golf and stand up comedy.

Read more about Bill's background.

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Sports Psychology Coaching Programs for Camps, Schools and Non-Profits

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