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EBook: The Mental Game of Sports
Mental Training Manual

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The Mental Game of Sports
Mental Training Manual

This 78-page manual has hundreds of mental tips, definitions, checklists, procedures, concepts, techniques and exercises to help you learn and master the mental game.

The Mental Game Of Sports Manual is formatted as a workbook, one you can write in and make notes in as you learn and try the techniques and exercises. This is not written as a text-heavy textbook, but as a practical learn-as-you-go blueprint for mental game success. There is a degree of narrative in some sections, with other sections comprising areas to write, some diagrams and some assessments.

The Mental Game Of Sports Mental Training Manual Contents

Welcome To Mental Game Coaching

When Nerves Strike: 18 Characteristics Of High Activation

Stop Choking And Start Performing: 10 Ways To Know Why Choking Happens And How To Prevent It

Sports Control Factors Exercise

What Is The Zone? Six Domains Of Peak Performance

The Two Zones

The Nine Elements Of The Zone

Your Master Plan For Peak Performance In Sport: 15 Elements For Success

Championship Confidence: The Seven Key Confidence Factors

Mental Game Coaching: 33 Features Of The Coaching Process

The Past-Present-Future Exercise

Selective Attention During The Action

Mental Game Grid Concentration Exercise

The Skill Of Centering

Can You Visualize Success: The Nine Factors Of Successful Imagery Control

Golf Course Visualization Exercise

Mental Readiness

Prepare To Play Your Best: 29 Psych Up Strategies For Mental Readiness

Conquering Choking In Sports: The 75 Symptoms Of Choking

Stress Control In Sports

Mental Training: 16 Factors And Skills To Know

Championship Thinking: 11 Factors And Skills To Know

How To Manage Pressure

Are You Motivated To Achieve? 164 Sports Goals You Can Set

Do You Have A Mental Training Journal? 29 Ways You Can Use This Journal, And 70 Benefits Of Keeping A Mental Training Journal

Recommended Books In Sports Psychology: 13 Of The Most Important Books In The Field

When you begin sports psychology coaching with us you receive this manual at no additional charge.

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The Mental Game Of Sports
Mental Training Manual


About the Author, Bill Cole

Bill Cole, MS, MA, is an internationally recognized expert on peak performance, coaching and the mental game. He was a two-sport athlete at the national level, and played pro tennis in the 1980's. He has coached at the highest levels of major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. Bill is a Wall Of Fame Honoree, an award-winning scholar-athlete, and a published author of numerous books and articles.

For three years Bill was the Sport Psychology Coach for the Israeli Davis Cup team. He spent time with the team at major events worldwide, including Wimbledon, The US Open and Davis Cup in Europe. Dedi Jacob, the Head Coach, wrote this testimonial about Bill's time with the players.

"Bill is a very talented and deeply-knowledgeable mental game coach. His ability to help our players stay motivated, focused and on-track is just excellent. Bill really takes the time to understand people, to listen and to figure out what each person needs to achieve and excel. He has crafted a comprehensive mental game peak performance program for us, as a mental game advisor to individual players and team mental game coach for team practice sessions. He is a master mental game coach. He is one of the top peak performance coaches on the Pro Tennis Tour. More players on the pro tour could use his help."
Israeli Davis Cup Team

Learn more about Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach.

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The Mental Game of Sports Mental Training Manual

Bill Cole, MS, MA


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