Sports Psychology Coaching

Why Use A Sports Psychology Coach?

Here Are The 38 Major Areas We Teach You

What are the reasons you are visiting us today? What is it you'd like to stop letting get in your way of your sports success? What can you do that will take you closer to the winner's circle? What are the ways you can work with a sports psychology coach? What are the topics of study? First, let's go to the bottom line.

Six Major Ways We Help You Be A Better, More Successful Athlete

Which ones in this list are the most important to you?

  1. Improve your self-confidence in your sport.
  2. Teach you new and better mental approaches.
  3. Coach you to improve your sports performances under pressure.
  4. Provide you with new levels of awareness about yourself as an athlete.
  5. Counsel you in the "big-picture view" of your sports career.
  6. Help you transfer the many mental lessons from sport to the rest of your life.

Here is a quick overview of why people choose me as their sport psychology coach. They typically want to:

  1. Learn how to psych up for every practice, coaching session and competition.
  2. Build mental toughness for their sports performance.
  3. Stop mentally beating themselves up and self-destructing when they perform below expectations.
  4. Know how to get into the performance zone, naturally and easily, every time.
  5. Handle the dreaded mind games opponents launch at critical times.
  6. Harness the secrets of game momentum to win more.
  7. Gain more satisfaction from their sport.
  8. Reach new levels of performance.
  9. Transfer lessons learned in sport to the rest of their life and business.

What Are Your Reasons For Adding A Sports Psychology Coach To Your Success Team?

Here are 38 issues and areas where we can work together to help you become a more confident athlete and a more consistent, powerful, successful performer under pressure. These are actual chapter titles from my upcoming book, The Mental Game of Tennis, but they apply to all sports.

  1. Mental Game Assessment
  2. Motivation And Goal-Setting
  3. Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs
  4. Non-Mental Factors In Sports Performance
  5. How Strategy And Tactics Affects The Mental Game
  6. Mental Readiness: Pre-Event
  7. Mental Readiness: In The Event
  8. Turning Stress Into Success
  9. Controlling Nerves In Competition

  1. Breathing For Peak Performance
  2. Stop Choking And Start Winning
  3. Finding Ideal Effort Levels
  4. The Art Of Ball Watching
  5. Attention Control Training
  6. Building The Inner Time Clock
  7. Getting In The Zone
  8. Mental Game Match Management
  9. Self-Coaching Skills
  10. Controlling Emotions
  11. Self-Sabotage And The Paradox Of Success
  12. Fear Of Failure And The Fear Of Success
  13. Playing To Win Vs. Playing Not To Lose
  14. Loving To Win Vs. Hating To Lose
  15. Handling Mental Warfare In Sports: Gamesmanship And Ethics
  16. Practicing The Mental Game
  17. Sharpening Mental Tools On The Practice Court
  18. The Mental Game Off-Court
  19. Visualizing Success
  20. Thinking Like A Winner: Developing A Championship Mind
  21. Building Self-Confidence
  22. The Mental Game In Lessons
  23. Avoiding Slumps, Staleness And Burnout
  24. Building Mental Toughness
  25. Becoming A Tougher Competitor: The Will To Win
  26. Building The Killer Instinct
  27. Creating A Philosophy Of Competition
  28. The Mental Game After The Match: Self-Review
  29. Winning The Mental Game Of Life: Lessons From Sport

Your Next Step: Take This Free Mental Game Of Sports Assessment

Discover What's Holding You Back From Playing Your Best

We are making this valuable 65-question assessment tool available to you at no charge to assist you in determining what is getting in the way of your performing to your full potential in your sport. It will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a quick overview of where you stand with your mental game.

You can print this for your own use, or fill it out and then email or fax it to us as a way to begin the sport psychology coaching process with us.

Take this free Mental Game of Sports Assessment now.

Bill Cole, MS, MA, is an internationally recognized expert on peak performance, coaching and the mental game. He has coached at the highest levels of major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. His extensive background includes a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Sport Psychology, a Master of Arts in counseling psychology, and post-graduate training in various fields. He brings an outstanding, eclectic and well-rounded academic, clinical, research, educational and multidisciplinary approach to his work. Learn more about Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach™.

Why use a sports psychology coach?

Why use a sports psychology coach?

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Sports Psychology Coaching

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