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Sports Psychology Quotient Assessment (SPQA) Package

This educational mental tools package will provide you with a comprehensive, in-depth picture of your sport psychology skills and talents. It combines our William B. Cole Consultants proprietary written assessment instrument and a sport psychology review/coaching session with Bill Cole, CEO of William B. Cole Consultants. The assessment and interview focus on your:

  1. Mental toughness
  2. Motivation and goal setting
  3. Sport practice habits and processes from a mental perspective
  4. Mental training habits and processes away from competition
  5. Mental focus under pressure
  6. Psyching up and mental preparation processes
  7. Ability to attain a zone experience on demand
  8. Mistake-management and adversity-handling skills
  9. Ability to stop and recover from slumps
  10. Self-awareness and self-confidence

Here's how it works:

  • We email you our proprietary 232-question Sport Psychology Quotient Assessment, (SPQA) measuring your strengths and needed growth areas in your sport.

  • You take and return the assessment. We score it, review it and make written recommendations.

  • You then know your SPQ score of strengths and weaknesses in multiple areas.

  • You have a 45-minute personal coaching conversation by phone with Bill Cole.

  • We discuss your goals and future directions in your sport.

Professional Athlete and Coaches SPQA Package:

Your investment in yourself and your sport abilities for this assessment package is $250. This is an introductory, special price for an initial coaching session and assessment.

Amateur (Non-Professional) Athlete and Coaches SPQA Discount Package:

Your investment in yourself and your sport abilities for this assessment package is at a discounted fee of $150. This is an introductory, special discount price for an initial coaching session and assessment.

There is no further obligation on your part to continue coaching beyond the assessment (although people typically continue), and you will take home a well-rounded, objective, written and verbal assessment of your mental game abilities in your sport, with recommendations for improvement. Many people use this assessment as the kick-off for their sport psychology coaching with us, and as a way to have an in-depth coaching conversation.

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Bill Cole, MS, MA, is an internationally recognized expert on peak performance, coaching and the mental game. He has coached at the highest levels of the Olympics, major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. His extensive background includes a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Sport Psychology and post-graduate training in various fields. Learn more about Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach.

Sports Psychology Quotient Assessment

SPQA package

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