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  CMGSAT Assessment Only
  CMGSAT Assessment And Coaching Package
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  Traction-To-Action™ Sport Psychology Coaching Discount Starter Package
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About Our Sports Psychology Coaching Services

The Mental Game Coach™, Bill Cole, MS, MA, provides sports psychology coaching services to athletes, coaches and parents, to help them navigate the learning curve, pressures and pitfalls of a sport.

In his role as mental game advisor, he provides guidance in building a mentally tough, peak performance mind tool-kit that top-performing champions possess. In learning these mental lessons. He acts as a teacher, motivator and mentor. The sport psychology training relationship is a collaborative, confidential, professional one that supports clients in reaching more of their sports performance potential.

You want a sport psychology coach with a world-class background and a proven track record in helping people master the mental game at the highest national and international levels. You also want that person to "know what you are experiencing" from having personally been a top competitive athlete and coach. You can expect quick, yet lasting results like these:

  • Learn how to psych up for every practice, coaching session and competition.
  • Make mental toughness a strength in your sports performance.
  • Stop mentally beating yourself up and self-destructing when you perform below expectations.
  • Know how to get into the performance zone, naturally and easily, every time.
  • Handle the dreaded mind games opponents launch at critical times.
  • Reach new levels of performance. Stop blowing leads.
  • Transfer lessons learned in sport to the rest of your life and business.

Bill's Sports Psychology Coaching Has 13 Key Helpful Features To Boost Your Confidence:

  1. Assessment of your current sport psychology skills.
  2. Review of and suggestions for upcoming competitions.
  3. A deep and extensive level of analysis and feedback about your sports performances.
  4. Proprietary, detailed checklists that help you become aware of yourself as an athlete.
  5. Worksheets and exercises that bring the concepts Bill teaches to life.
  6. Coaching for your upcoming competition.
  7. Help you overcome performance issues such as fear and low confidence.
  8. Show-You-How-To-Practice sessions.
  9. Advice on managing yourself under pressure.
  10. Dress rehearsals of competitions.
  11. Review of your past competitions.
  12. Create custom pre-game mental routines.
  13. Post-game reviews and follow-up.

Bill has coached individuals and teams from Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Almaden Valley, Santa Cruz, Los Altos, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and many other locations in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley, and around the United States.

You can come to us, or we can come to you. We can also work virtually. We also regularly consult with clients by phone and email from countries around the world, such as England, Portugal, Australia, Mexico, China, Canada, Israel and South Africa.

Audio Recording Your Sport Psychology Coaching Sessions

Feel free to audio record our coaching sessions when we meet in our offices to help you remember and master the material. You can do this by bringing your cell phone, laptop, camcorder or other device. You have our advance permission to use this for your personal educational use, but not to share with anyone or to sell or post on the web. There is no charge for your recording in our offices.

If we are doing distance coaching, we can record your coaching sessions via Skype or by phone very easily. We have a special Skype audio program, and also a special high-quality audio-recording conference call line, if we are using a phone. The fee for recording and sending you this mp3 audio by email is $10 per session recording. We send the mp3 to you within 24 hours so you can review the class. That is your copy to keep. The mp3 format is the only format option.

Free Mental Game Of Sports Assessment

Take this assessment to discover what's holding you back from playing your best. We are making this valuable 65-question assessment tool available to you at no charge to assist you in determining what is getting in the way of your performing to your full potential in your sport. It will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a quick overview of where you stand with your mental game.

After you fill out the form, you should print this for your own use and for future reference, then click the Submit button to send the Assessment to Bill Cole.

Take this free Mental Game of Sports Assessment now.

Sports Psychology Coaching Packages

The Cole Mental Game of Sports Assessment Tool (CMGSAT)

This proprietary educational sport psychology assessment will provide you with a comprehensive, in-depth picture of your sport psychology skills and abilities. You have two options. You may purchase the 300-question Cole Mental Game of Sports Assessment Tool (CMGSAT) for $150, or combine this assessment instrument with a one-hour sport psychology review and coaching session with Bill Cole, CEO of William B. Cole Consultants for $250. Learn more about the CMGSAT.

CMGSAT Assessment Only

We email you our proprietary 300-question Cole Mental Game of Sports Assessment Tool (CMGSAT) as a PDF. You take the assessment, and score it yourself. The test is yours to keep and to retake again and again to see your improvement over time as you progress in your sport. Learn more about the CMGSAT Assessment Only or order the package.

CMGSAT Assessment And Coaching Package

We email you our proprietary 300-question Cole Mental Game of Sports Assessment Tool (CMGSAT) as a PDF. You take the assessment, score it and return it to us.

We review the assessment and then contact you to arrange your coaching session. You then have a 60-minute personal coaching conversation by phone or video with Bill Cole to review the assessment. Learn more about the CMGSAT Assessment and Coaching Package or order the package.

Coaching Services for Organizations And Professionals

The standard hourly coaching rate for one person in professional sports, corporate, governmental, academic, military or other organizational entities is $275, with some potential adjustments, based on a quote as part of a custom volume package, and for example, when we include speaking, training and consulting. For coaching sessions outside our offices, for sessions with more than one person, and for coaching with organizations, whether in person, or by distance, additional coaching fees and travel fees apply. We also offer two discounted packages, one with five hours and one with ten hours.

Order the Coaching Services for Organizations.

The Traction-To-Action™ Sport Psychology Coaching Discount Starter Package

Our standard coaching fees for private pay individuals are $125 an hour, but we want to give you a starter discount. Choose the Traction-To-Action Starter Package and take off $75 over three hours of coaching. You pay only $300 for 13 helpful features to boost your confidence, over three valuable hours of coaching with Bill Cole.

Please note that these private pay discounted coaching fees are applicable only to telephone sessions, and for sessions in our offices in Palo Alto, California. Private pay coaching rates are not applicable to professional athletes or coaches. Professional athletes and coaches would pay the organizational rate, even if not connected with a team. For coaching sessions out of our offices an additional coaching surcharge and travel fees will be added. Please contact us for a custom quote. Fees shown here are for either one individual or a group of persons in the same family. For a group session with people not in the same family, the hourly fee structure is higher. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Order the Traction-To-Action Discount Starter Package.

Coaching services (with discounts for 4-hr, 6-hr and 12-hr packages)

Our standard coaching fees are $125 an hour.

Discounts are offered for ordering coaching for multiple hours: Save $30 on the Coaching Four-Pack, save $60 on the Six-Pack, and save $180 on the Twelve-Pack. Order Sports Psychology Coaching services.

Career and Term Paper Advice

You can hire Bill Cole as your personal guide to writing a top-notch term paper about Sports Psychology, or for personalized advice about a career in the field of sports psychology.

Sports Psychology Career Advice packages are available in blocks of 1/2 hour, 1 hour and 3 hours. Order one of these packages or learn more about Sports Psychology Career and Term Paper Advice.

Special Sports Psychology Coaching Services

In addition to our basic Sports Psychology Coaching services, any combination of the following special services can be included:

Additional Coaching Services

We also offer additional services including reviewing documents, videos and audios and creating customized documents. Learn more about these additional coaching services.

Making Payments Of Any Amount

To make an installment payment or to make another payment to William B. Cole Consultants, go to the page for making payments of any amount.

Normally payments are made using the Credit Card or PayPal buttons on our web site. However, coaching services payments may be made in installments, by special arrangement. Please contact us for details.

Payment and Scheduling Policies

  • 24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Please note that we require a 24-hour cancellation notice should you need to cancel or reschedule a coaching session. Canceling or rescheduling a training session, seminar, workshop or keynote requires much earlier notice, with different policies. For those events, please consult our contract for that event. We prefer not to charge for late canceled or no-show appointments, but repeated or egregious late cancellations or no-show appointments will be charged the full hourly rate of that missed session. If you need to reschedule, that is never a problem as long as you give us this full day advance notice so we can offer your time to another client. We are usually booked out two weeks or more in advance for coaching sessions, so the earlier you know your schedule, the easier it is to schedule you in any future slots should you need to reschedule.

  • Payment for services is due on or before the first day of services rendered.

  • We accept cash, check, PayPal, electronic bank transfer and credit cards issued by American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

  • We don't invoice, extend credit or accept insurance.

  • Clients have the option of paying the standard hourly rate or availing themselves of various discount packages.

  • Package prices are based on payments made prior to, or at the time of the first session.

  • Purchase of a package is not valid retroactively, after a coaching session has been concluded.

  • Normally payments are made using the Credit Card or PayPal buttons on our web site. However, coaching services payments may be made in installments, by special arrangement. Please contact us for details. To make an installment payment or to make another payment to William B. Cole Consultants, go to the page for making payments of any amount.

  • Checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds will be subject to a $20.00 collection fee and a $20.00 insufficient funds fee.

  • To prevent fraud, refunds are not allowed by means other than the same credit card or PayPal account used to make the original charge.

Travel Expenses For Coaching And Consulting

Learn about travel expenses, other fees and payment arrangements.

Our Coaching Sessions Are Guaranteed

I guarantee the quality of our coaching sessions. I guarantee to you that each coaching session will be of the highest quality, and will give you the best cutting-edge content and success strategies. However, I cannot predict, know, monitor or guarantee what you will do with the lessons, insights and content learned in these sessions. Therefore, when you use our coaching, materials and products you are not guaranteed to improve learning, performance, income, health, fitness or specific earnings. No one can guarantee such outcomes because your results will depend on variables and factors outside our control including, but not limited to: your motivation, your diligence and discipline, your capabilities, your creativity, your health and fitness, your compliance with our recommendations and suggestions, and other factors which neither party has control over.

I will ask you, many times in each coaching session, if things make sense, and if you know how to practice and actually use what we discuss, and what I teach you. At the end of each coaching session, I will ask if that session met your expectations. If you say yes, we will consider that session successful. If you say no, I will spend additional time with you, at no additional charge, at that time, or at a mutually convenient time, to resolve your concerns. If I cannot resolve your concerns at that time, I will refund all your monies paid for that particular coaching session in question. If this coaching session in question was part of a package, when you receive a refund for that session, we will also refund the rest of your unused coaching package monies. This will be prorated per the package you purchased, not at the full non-package hourly rate. Whenever you make the next coaching package payment that is due or make a pay as you go payment, this indicates that you are satisfied with the coaching up to that point, and that you wish to continue the coaching program.

Our Coaching Is Confidential

Trust forms the core of the coaching relationship. We respect what you say, and will not repeat your material to anyone or to any entity. We maintain your confidentiality and privacy in all communications and we maintain safe and secure written records of your account. We do not disclose that you are a client if you do not want that known.

Bill Cole, MS, MA, is an internationally recognized expert on peak performance, coaching and the mental game. He has coached at the highest levels of the Olympics, major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. His extensive background includes a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Sport Psychology and post-graduate training in various fields. Learn more about Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach.

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