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Tennis Testimonials

Here are a few of the testimonials from our Mental Game Of Tennis coaching clients and participants in our program The Mental Game of Tennis™.

"This letter is a testimonial appreciation for Bill Cole, who has been our mental game peak performance coach for the last couple of years. He has greatly helped improve our player's mental game and has provided us with much support, guidance, insights and mental strategies to help us succeed.

Bill is a very talented and deeply-knowledgeable mental game coach. His ability to help our players stay motivated, focused and on-track is just excellent. He has crafted a comprehensive mental game peak performance program for us, as a mental game advisor to individual players and team mental game coach for team practice sessions. He is positive, motivating and a remarkable analyst of what our players need to improve and perform under pressure.

With Bill's experience and background as a national competitor, NCAA Division I college Head Coach, psychotherapist, and trained sports psychologist, he has the skills, tools and understanding to really help high-performing athletes excel. To my knowledge he is one of the top peak performance coaches on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour and definitely more players on the pro tour could use his help.

Bill really takes the time to understand people, to listen and to figure out what each person needs to achieve and excel. He is a master mental game coach.

We appreciate Bill Cole for being our mental game peak performance coach. We highly recommend him for any speaking engagement, consulting project or coaching assignment you have, whether it is for sports, government organizations, or corporations. Bill really knows how to help people improve their mental games and therefore reach more of their potential."
Oded Jacob
Captain and Coach
Israeli Davis Cup Team

"Each time you present the Concentration Clinic, I learn an abundance of information. The information you gave us will help tremendously! The feedback has been outstanding!"
Steve Smith
Director, Tennis Tech Teachers Program
Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"I just wanted to thank Bill for improving my mental game. I learned a lot of techniques I've never known before. My favorite technique was 'See The Blue'. I realized that when I used that technique my serves stopped hitting the net. Bill also taught me the Roger Federer "Keep Your Head Still" technique. That helped me connect with the ball dead center more. Before I started working with Bill I would always pull my head up too early on shots, and I was really surprised to learn how long you could keep your head still before the opponent's ball came back to you. I also got a lot out of the technique called Rise-Peak-Fall. I never noticed that most of my balls that I hit were on the peak-I always thought I was hitting balls on the rise, but this drill taught me to watch the ball a lot better, and to be aware if I'm hitting on the rise, peak or fall. I learned a lot from Bill, and I'm glad I was able to receive coaching from him."
Ashvin Soin
Saratoga, California

"I had a great day with Bill. I think it will really help me stay focused in matches. I took his mental game assessment, and there are definitely some areas I wanted to work on, and improve on. I think his method of centering will really help me stay focused during matches. So thank you so much! I had a fantastic time!"
Cami Runnalls
Coto De Caza, California

"As before, your presentation was done in a professional and outstanding manner."
Craig Tiley
Assistant Director
Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"Cole has experienced the pressure of tournament play in professional events in the US and Canada. He has investigated the mental side of the game through interviews with the world's top playing pros such as Harold Solomon, Guillermo Vilas, Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall."
The Woodlands Sun Newspaper
The Woodlands, Texas

"Bill is the Zen Master of Tennis Instruction--much better than a trip to a therapist's office!"
Elaine Goldstone, #1-Ranked USTA 3.5 Women's Doubles Champion, Grand Prix Northern California

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"I was already very successful in junior tennis. I have been ranked #1 in the 14's and 16's in singles and doubles in Northern California, and top twenty in the nation. I won the San Diego Boys 14's National Open Singles and Doubles and took third place in the Boys 16's Copper Bowl Singles. I wanted to not only be able to maintain the rankings I had achieved to date, but to continue to steadily improve. The pressure is even greater once you are a top-ranked player, and I wanted to know how to handle that pressure better.

We researched the top sports psychologists and mental training coaches and discovered that Bill Cole had been the mental game coach to professional players who have had wins over Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, Marat Safin, Michael Chang and world #4, Tim Henman. Bill also had been an NCAA Division I College Head Coach in tennis, the Sports Psychology Coach for the Israeli Davis Cup Team, and had coached in the US and Europe on the ATP Tour.

I took his on-line mental game assessment and communicated with him, and very quickly our family hired Bill. Ever since, he has been helping us navigate the competitive world of junior tennis at the sectional and national levels.

In just our first mental training session, I learned a huge amount about the mental game and what I needed to do to perform to my top abilities in competition. Since then, Bill has been an integral part of our tennis training team. My Mom and Dad and I work with him at his office, on the phone, at tournaments and on the lesson court. Bill taught me about the psychology of match preparation, concentration, how to really relax in close matches (even when it seemed impossible to do so), to stay focused, to analyze and solve problems on the court, mental toughness, confidence and my ability to get into the zone.

Bill's techniques in the mental game are extremely powerful and easy to learn. These techniques take effect immediately. I was able to use all the techniques right away, and my game improved a lot. I have been using the techniques in matches and the results have shown already. I was able to stay calm, focused, and relaxed under pressure. Bill has helped my tennis game a lot through mental game coaching.

If you suspect that improving your mental approach to your tennis is the missing link in your game, you are probably right. Bill is a specialist in the mental part of tennis, in addition to having been a very successful teaching pro, and top competitor himself. His insights and knowledge about the upper levels of competitive tennis are amazing. The mental training system he taught me for reaching my inner excellence continues to be very powerful. I use what he teaches me every day, in practices, and in matches. If you want to take your game to the next level, I strongly suggest you call Bill."
Jaya Billa
Sacramento, California

#1 in Boys 14's and 16's singles in Northern California
#1 in Boys 14's and 16's doubles in Northern California
#20 in Boys 14's National singles
#80 in Boys 16's National singles
Won San Diego Boys 14's National Open Singles
3rd place in Boys 16's Copper Bowl Singles
5th place in Boys 16's Sectional 2008 Singles
Boys 16's Doubles Sectionals 2008, 2009
Long Beach 14's National Open Doubles
Boys 16's National Open Doubles Finalist 2009
Boys 16's National Open Doubles 4th place 2009

"Mind over tennis balls is his story of success. This coach fine tunes mental strategies."
San Jose Mercury News Headline

"Many thanks for the most fascinating ideas you shared with us...and thank you for all the truly beneficial help you have given me throughout the seminar...thank you for all the advice and ideas; they will surely benefit me throughout my life. Mostly thanks for the inspiration you have given me."
Fred Forman
Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"Bill has found a way to help the 'performance-challenged'!! He knows how to reach the left-brainers with exercises and techniques that get us into 'the zone' quickly and help us stay there."
Melinda Chen, President
Bay Valley Technologies
Saratoga, California

Testimonials about the Mental Game Of Tennis coaching and programs

Mental Game Of Tennis Testimonials

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