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Bill Cole, MS, MA is one of the most prominent, prolific and successful performance psychology consultants working today. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, he maintains a global consultancy, traveling the world advising top performers. He is the mental game coach to top business people in sales and public speaking, interview skills, musicians and actors in Hollywood and military and police. He has been mental game coach or consultant to Olympic athletes who have won Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. He's coached thousands of recreational, junior high, high school, college, professional, world champion and world record-holding athletes.

Bill has been the mental game coach or sports psychology consultant with athletes or coaches of 19 world and national teams, nine international and Olympic teams, 32 professional sports teams, associations or leagues, and of athletes who have won 36 world and national championships. He has been the mental trainer for thousands of athletes in over 100 sports, at all ages and skill levels.

Bill has been a leader in the field of sport psychology for over 40 years, as a scholar, researcher, writer, teacher, coach, athlete, trainer, speaker and consultant. He is a thought leader and expert in the worlds of peak performance, coaching and the mental game. He was the first person in the world to earn an undergraduate degree in sports psychology, and is the Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, which trains and certifies mental game coaches worldwide.

Bill is an internationally and nationally recognized authority on peak performance and coaching. An award-winning scholar-athlete, he has coached at the highest levels of Olympic, major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. A multiple Hall-Of-Fame honoree as an athlete, coach and school alumnus, he is an in-the-trenches coach and consultant and is the creator and developer of many leading-edge workshops, seminars and training programs.

Media Testimonials

"Bill Cole is a leading Olympic sports psychologist."
British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in performance psychology."
USA Today

"Bill Cole is a world-leading authority on sports psychology."
New Idea Magazine, Coleman-Rayner, LLC

"Bill Cole is a leading author on sports psychology."
Yahoo! Sports

"Performance psychology consultant Bill Cole has counseled many of the world's top athletes and knows how to combat stress and anxiety."
Forbes Magazine

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist and 'mental game coach' who helps athletes cope with the demands of intense competition."
CNET Magazine

"Bill Cole is a leading sports psychology expert."
Sky News, England

"Bill Cole is one of the world's leading sports psychologists who has coached teams and individuals in over 85 sports in multiple countries, including US National dirt track champion Chris Carr."
MCN Sport, the leading motorcycle racing magazine

"Bill Cole is one of the leading performance psychology experts in the USA."
Blitz Magazine, Australasia's #1 Martial Arts magazine

"Bill Cole is an expert in the psychology of sport."
Metro International Magazine

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in the field of sports psychology."

"Bill Cole is a renowned performance psychology expert."
Viking Sports Magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-class sports psychology consultant."

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on peak performance, mental toughness and coaching."

"Bill Cole is a world-class performance psychology expert."
FNF Coaches magazine

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is one of today’s most prominent, prolific and successful performance psychology consultants."
The Polo Channel

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist."
The Boston Herald

"Bill Cole is a world-class sports psychologist."
Game Changer Magazine

"Bill Cole, President and Founder of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, says the key to achievement is enthusiasm for your goals. Cole coaches both Olympic and major-league athletes, and teaches his disciplinary techniques to corporate America."

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist."

"Bill Cole is an Olympic sport psychologist."
Stab Magazine

"Bill Cole helps CEOs and celebrities balance hectic schedules."
Albany Times-Union

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned sports psychologist."
Performance Menu Magazine

"Bill Cole is an internationally recognized mind excellence coach."
Grand Central magazine

"Bill Cole, a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole is one of the world's leading mental game coaches."

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is an internationally-acclaimed mental wellness and performance psychology speaker, coach, business consultant, executive coach and media personality."

"Bill Cole is a leading performance psychology expert."

"Bill Cole, a renowned consultant in psychology."

"Confidence comes from what you’ve already done well,” says Bill Cole, a sports psychologist who has worked with thousands of clients over the past 30 years including Olympic athletes, college athletes and even professional fighters. 'There is no doubt in a successful athlete’s mind. They say, ‘My training has been great. My coaching has been great. I expect to succeed.’ There is an assumption of success."
Game Plan Magazine

"Sports psychologist Bill Cole describes the prerequisite to peak performance as 'a special mental and emotional interior climate conducive to top levels of performance' called the "flow state. It is the place where the performer is deeply involved with a challenging task and becomes lost in the process and immune to stress and anxiety."
Positively Successful Magazine

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is a world-wide authority in performance psychology."
FNF Coaches magazine

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports therapist from the west coast."
Grand Central magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

People who struggle are forcing themselves," Bill Cole explains. "Those who succeed come at a project from an inner joy and excitement. Create inspiring goals, and they will pull you toward them, without you having to push." Lesser goals, he continues, won't motivate you. "But if you shoot for the stars and miss, at least you'll hit the moon."

"Bill Cole is a thought leader in performance psychology."

"Bill Cole is a leading performance psychology expert."

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

“Bill Cole is the first person in the world to be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Sports Psychology, and a pioneering leader in the field. He is the founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association and has coached or consulted thousands, including Olympic champions and record-holding professional athletes in over 100 sports.”

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist."
Virtual Golf Caddy

"Bill Cole is a prominent performance psychologist."

"Bill Cole is a leading sports psychology expert and mental health coach to Olympic and professional athletes all over the world."
The Kansas City Star

"Bill Cole is a nationally recognized expert on the mindset of athletes and successful non-athletes."
In the book Growing Up Gronk: A Family's Story of Raising Champions, by author Jeff Schober

"A world-renowned peak performance coach."

"... an authority on sports psychology... He is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country...Bill's peak performance system helped us tremendously in our march to reach the finals of the College World Series."
Stanford University Baseball Team

" of the top peak performance coaches on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour."
Israeli Davis Cup Team

"Bill Cole is a leading performance psychology expert."
Cronkite News

"Bill Cole, MA, MS, is a renowned performance psychology expert and mental game coach."
Complex Magazine, Pigeons And Planes

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on sports psychology and mental coaching."
Sports on Earth Magazine

"Bill Cole is the guru in sports psychology."
Shine Corporation, Australia

"Bill Cole is an authority on sports psychology, peak performance and mental toughness."
Varsity Views Magazine

"Bill Cole is a mind guru...he is among the elite mental game peak performance experts in this country."
American Society of Anesthesiologists

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Bill Cole In The Media

Bill Cole is one of the most quoted people in media in his field. Bill's imaginative, visionary work and his articles on peak performance, coaching, achievement, success, personal development, or features or quotes of his work have appeared hundreds of times in print and electronic media outlets in the United States and internationally:

  • Yahoo! Sports
  • Huffington Post
  • HuffPost Live
  • USA Today
  • KFOX AM radio, San Jose, CA
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • New York Times
  • The Orlando Sentinel
  • Sky News UK
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Chief Executive Magazine
  • College Recruiter Magazine
  • Albany Times Union
  • Successful Meetings Magazine
  • Positively Successful Magazine
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian
  • Forbes magazine
  • U. S. News & World Report
  • The Star Herald
  • Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
  • Washington Times
  • The New Yorker
  • Star Tribune
  • Business Insider magazine
  • WebMD magazine
  • Seattle Times
  • The BBC
  • BBC Magazine
  • INC Magazine
  • ehow
  • Runner's World
  • Shape Magazine
  • GlobalPost magazine
  • Women's Fitness magazine**
  • NBC TV
  • Success Magazine
  • The Animal Planet TV Show
  • The Washington Post
  • Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine
  • Corporate Training Magazine
  • California Job Journal
  • The Boston Herald
  • Pitt News
  • Kansas City Star
  • FNF Coaches magazine
  • Golf Magazine
  • The San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle
  • The San Jose Mercury News
  • SectionSports
  • KGO Radio
  • KNBR Radio
  • Sirius Radio
  • The Denver Post
  • The Detroit News
  • The Buffalo News
  • Tennis Magazine
  • Yahoo Style magazine
  • The Houston Chronicle
  • The Connecticut Post
  • Fedex Updates Magazine
  • CNET News
  • SBNation
  • TalkSPORT radio, London, England
  • The Upgraded Salesman Radio Show, London, England
  • The Charles Lucima Podcast Show
  • Cronkite News
  • ShortList magazine, London, England
  • Blitz Magazine
  • Varsity Views
  • Metro International
  • GameChanger
  • Sports on Earth
  • Coleman-Rayner Publications
  • Surfing Magazine
  • Humber College News
  • The HUB newspaper, Davis, California
  • Sales Mastery Summit
  • New Idea magazine (Australia)
  • Growing Up Gronk, book
  • The Johns Hopkins University Student eMagazine
  • Across the Board magazine
  • Presentations Magazine
  • The Amherst Bee
  • The Woodlands Villager
  • The Woodlands Trails
  • The East Hampton Star
  • The USPTA NORCAL newsletter
  • Tennis Magazine (U.S.)
  • Inside Tennis Magazine
  • Inside Tennis\Racquets Newspaper
  • Inside Racquetball Magazine
  • Tennis Magazine of Holland
  • Tennis Magazine of Germany
  • Tennis Magazine of England
  • Tennis Magazine of Japan
  • Tennis Magazine of France
  • The Philosophic Society For The Study of Sport
  • Adidas Tournament Training Camp Bulletin
  • Prevention Magazine
  • Kinesiology: The Science of Movement (Book)
  • The PPCA Coaching Compendium (Book)
  • SB Nation
  • Sportsmind Reports
  • The Sports Psychology Report
  • Time Marketing Prospectus
  • Newport Beach Golf Club
  • Review South Bay TP Newsletter
  • Physically Fit
  • Fitness Magazine
  • The Leisure Times
  • Sportscan
  • Courtside Times
  • Irvine Racquet Club Bulletin
  • The Brookside Lites
  • Four Seasons Newsletter
  • Green Hollow Letter
  • Amherst Hills Reporter
  • The Tyler College Bulletin
  • Twin City Bulletin
  • The Titan Sportscope
  • The San Jose State Reporter
  • The Ravenaeux Times
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  • The Mental Game Journal
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  • Professionally Speaking
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  • American Society For Quality Newsletter
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  • South Bend Tribune
  • Chief Learning Officer Magazine
  • The Coaching Edge
  • MMA Digest
  • The Performance Menu Magazine
  • Riley Guide Careers Blog
  • Well + Good, NYC magazine
  • The Bleacher Report
  • US Referee Connection
  • Positively Magazine
  • Game Changer magazine
  • The Polo Channel
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian
  • The Karachi Express Tribune
  • World Polo News
  • The Patriot Ledger Newspaper, Quincy, Massachusetts.
  • The News-Times Newspaper, Danbury, Connecticut.
  • The New Haven Register
  • Business Insider Magazine-Malaysia
  • Business Insider Magazine-Singapore
  • Business Insider Magazine-US
  • College Recruiter Magazine
  • www.humanperformance
  • Community Sports Engine
  • BC Coaches Perspective Magazine
  • The Brownsville Herald Newspaper
  • The Essential Cyclist
  • Ireland Strength and Conditioning
  • Sports Techie
  • Preps Forum
  • Humber News
  • Greenwich Time Newspaper
  • Mays Business School Bulletin at Texas A & M University
  • The Marion Star Newspaper
  • The Greenville News Newspaper
  • The Democrat And Chronicle Newspaper
  • The Pantagraph Newspaper
  • Be Excellent, the Six Disciplines Blog
  • Game Plan Magazine
  • Toastmaster Magazine
  • The Detroit Free Press

Learn more about Bill’s experience in the media.

Bill Cole In Hollywood

Media personality Bill Cole has created, developed, pitched and sold his ideas in Hollywood and has successfully worked in front of the camera, as well as behind it. His TV, radio or film credits include Creator, Writer, Producer, Consulting Producer, Founding Producer, Guest Expert and Host. His television hosting and radio hosting have taken him across the US. Bill is available for consultation and engagement in multiple roles for film, TV and radio projects.

Bill was the Consulting Producer on the documentary film The High: Making the Toughest Race on Earth, which was selected as a 'Finalist Best Feature' in the 2015 Trail Running Film Festival.

See Bill’s full credits in film, TV and radio

Bill Cole In Film

Bill has been involved with multiple film projects in Hollywood.

Bill was called to Hollywood to appear in front of the cameras for the big screen in the Hollywood film "The Hurt Business" starring Kevin Costner and many stars from the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) , in the UFC, Bellator and other fight organizations.

The Hurt Business film

Bill was asked about the psychological dimensions of the MMA phenomenon. Bill talked about the zone, the stress, why people choke, the pressures of being in the spotlight, how MMA fighters train their minds, how they handle setbacks and injuries and how they manage their career paths from a mental perspective.

The Hurt Business was created by the same producers of 'Bowling for Columbine', 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Generation Iron'. The film examines the explosive trajectory of mixed martial arts fighting through the eyes of today's top stars, and recent past stars of the sport.

The film is narrated by Kevin Costner, and stars Bas Rutten, Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Georges St-Pierre, Chuck Liddell, Kenny Florian, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Bruce Buffer, Big John McCarthy, Urijah Faber, Rashad Evans, Josh Barnett and others.

The film analyzes the people involved in the world of MMA, looks at their personal lives, how they train, and gauges the mental and physical damage they’ve suffered. The film interviewed sports psychologists, neurologists and sociologists, and government officials for their insights. One conclusion is that fame in MMA is a very hard and unforgiving road.

See the Facebook page about The Hurt Business movie, or see the trailer from the film.

In the trailer Bill's voice can be heard at 1:11: "I get people crying in my office, thinking their life is over, because they've lost a really big match. I've even worried about a few people--suicide."

Bill Cole And Vlad Yudin
Bill Cole and Vlad Yudin, Director of the film documentary The Hurt Business, on location in Hollywood.

Bill Cole and Vlad Yudin
Bill Cole and Director Vlad Yudin after Bill appeared before the cameras.

Bill Cole Appears In Vice TV NFL Football Documentary

Bill went in front of the cameras for the VICE TV show on the NFL, called Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas. Bill was interviewed on the psychology of wide receivers and quarterbacks. He explained the various psychological approaches NFL quarterbacks and wide receivers use to prepare mentally and to get into the zone.

Bill Cole and interviewer and Producer Graham Hughes on the set of the TV DocuSeries, Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas.
Bill Cole and interviewer and Producer Graham
Hughes on the set of the TV DocuSeries,
Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas.

Bill Cole being filmed on the set of the TV DocuSeries, Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas.
Bill Cole being filmed on the set of the TV DocuSeries,
Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas.

Bill Cole Appears In Ukrainian Motorcycle Psychology Documentary

Over the years Bill Cole has the mental game coach to a number of high-profile international motorcycle racers, culminating in published articles and an audio on the psychology of motorcycle riding and racing. Bill was the mental game coach to famed motorcycle racer Chris Carr, who was a world record holder, and a USA national champion. Bill was interviewed as a featured guest in a documentary about the psychology of motorcycle riding. The film was shot over zoom, but originated in Ukraine. The Director of the documentary is Ukrainian scholar Dr. Oleg Maltsev. He is an author, attorney, criminologist, psychologist, photographer, and founder of several research institutes. At the moment he is continuing his 20-year research of the way people behave in extreme life and death situations, and this documentary film showcases his most recent work.
Bill Cole is interviewed about the mental game of motorcycle riding in this 53-minute documentary.

Coach To Hollywood Stars And Other Celebrities

Bill was Tennis Coach to the Hollywood Stars in the 70's and 80's, teaching celebrities such as Bill Cosby, Chevy Chase, Andy Williams, The Fifth Dimension, Olympic Gold Medalist ice skater Peggy Fleming, Gladys Knight and The Pips and other luminaries.

Because Bill's clients value his work so highly, and when they see how much he helps them, they most often want to protect that special relationship. They look upon Bill as their "secret weapon". So through the years Bill has coached many world-famous people who will always remain un-named. This is how they prefer it.

Here is a small sampling of how Bill has been the mental game coach or consultant to a number of celebrities across many arenas:

  • Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind person in history to climb to the top of Mount Everest and the world's number-one blind adventurer.

  • Sarah Will, four-time world champion paraplegic downhill ski racer, with 12 gold medals.

  • Ivory May Kalber, star of the hit TV show Curvy Girls on NUVOtv, and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency TV series, and a celebrity plus-size model.

  • Collin Baikie, star of Discovery Channel's Canadian hit TV series Last Stop Garage.

  • Vic Braden, the most famous and most published tennis researcher and coach in history.

  • Hu Na, former #1-ranked tennis pro from China.

  • Chris Carr, the top adventure motorcycle rider for Harley Davidson, and a world record-holder racer.

  • Lucas Valente, world champion BJJ martial artist.

Olympic Trials And Olympic Games Mental Training Coach And Consultant

Bill Cole has been an Olympic Trials and Olympic Games Mental Training Coach and Consultant to many high-profile international athletes and coaches in multiple sports and multiple countries. Two of these athletes have won the Olympic Trials in their sport (table tennis and diving), and have gone on to compete in the Olympics. Bill has coached at many Olympic Trials and the London Olympics and the Rio Olympics remotely.

Bill Cole On The Radio And In Podcasts

Bill regularly appears on major international, national, regional and local radio shows and podcasts. Here is a sampling of shows where Bill has been a guest.

Listen to a short excerpt of an hour interview of Bill Cole on 1460am radio as he discusses coaching, peak performance and achievement. The radio show reaches 3 million people in the Philadelphia/Central NJ area.

Listen to Bill Cole being interviewed on 1460am radio as he discusses mental game topics including his books The Mental Game of Tennis and The Mental Game of Golf. The radio show reaches 3 million people in the Philadelphia/Central NJ area.

Listen to Bill Cole, MS, MA being interviewed on SIRIUS radio on the Hardcore Sports Radio Channel from Toronto, Canada as he discusses mental game topics including his books The Mental Game of Tennis and The Mental Game of Golf.

Bill Cole is interviewed on how to manage pressure in martial arts competitions on the popular website MMA Core.

Bill Cole was interviewed on KFOX AM radio in San Jose, California about how families can handle the emotional roller-coaster of their favorite sports teams as they go through a season of wins and losses.

Bill Cole was interviewed as a performance psychology expert on a wide variety of disciplines in a podcast by Host Charles Lucima, of Bill was asked to describe his career and his experiences working as a mental game coach to business people and athletes.

Bill Cole was interviewed as a sales psychology expert for the British radio podcast, The Upgraded Salesman Show. Bill was asked to describe his popular sales system The Mental Game of Selling.

What Got You There is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean DeLaney and is all about diving deep and hearing the journey behind some of the world's most accomplished influencers. Guests include professional athletes, authors, professors, creatives and everyone in between. On this episode you hear Bill take Sean through different performance psychology techniques you can implement today to be a higher performer.

On the podcast app GetCharly, performance psychology expert Bill Cole and Boston Red Sox World Series Champion first-baseman Kevin Millar discussed mental preparation for big sporting events. They also explored superstitions and competitive spirit in Major League Baseball.

Bill Cole is interviewed in this 52-minute podcast about the role of mental health and sport. Typically, athletes have a hard time reaching their peak performance because they are faced with mental roadblocks. Some slumps are easier to climb out of than others, but many individuals, including myself, have experienced difficulty maintaining a consistent positive mindset and an overall mental toughness. Hear one of the most successful performance psychology consultants working in the world, Bill Cole, discuss the importance behind mental health in sports and what you can do to overcome these psychological battles.

Creator Of The Mental Game TV Show

In 2007, Bill and John Cole, brothers, decided to join forces and create a reality television show pilot, The Mental Game TV Show. The show's premise was based on thirty-plus years of Bill Cole's work as a successful mental game coach and John's twenty-four years of entertainment industry experience and relationships.

Thus, they co-created the television show pilots "The Mental Game". The Mental Game TV pilots are innovative programs focusing on the mental game of sports, business and life. The shows focus on how people learn, perform and achieve greatness. Bill Cole, MS, MA, the show's host, co-creator and mental game coach says, "Paradoxically, the mind is the last frontier of study and control in anything we do. Top achievers and performers know that mind power is what separates them from the rest of the field and catapults them into the winner's circle. A strong mental game is the potent magic behind overcoming the inevitable mental and emotional obstacles that everyone faces in their quest for success in learning, performing and achieving". This interactive reality television show goes inside the 'mind' of virtually everyone in sports, business and life. A large percentage of casting focuses on how people think, access 'mental toughness' and how they overcome adversity.

Creator Of The Mental Game Radio Show

The Mental Game Radio Show combines entertaining, informative stories, solutions and insights about the world of peak performance. Host Bill Cole brings his thought-leading approaches and world-wide coaching and speaking background to every show. Guests include top authors and performers from the worlds of business, sports and the arts.

Bill Cole In Other Authors’ Books

Bill has been interviewed for numerous books and has written a book chapter on sports psychology for an Olympic Gold Medalist. Here are a few examples of where Bill has appeared in other people's books.

In 2009 Harper Collins Canada engaged Bill to write the chapter on mental training for the book Curl To Win, by the two-time world curling champion, and 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist Russ Howard, who was named "Curler of the Century" by Sweep magazine. Russ Howard has won every curling prize going. He's a record holder for an astonishing 107 Brier wins; a multiple World Championship winner; and a key member of Team Gushue, the gold medal-winning Canadian curling team at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Howard's legacy is further secured by his creation of the "Moncton Rule," which has dramatically changed the game.

In 2012 Bill was interviewed for the book Growing Up Gronk: A Family's Story of Raising Champions. Bill talked about the nature of sports achievement, how sports success is achieved through proper mental training, mental discipline, focus, mental toughness and motivation. His comments appeared in the chapter entitled Mental Toughness. The book is about the amazing Gronkowski family, from Williamsville, New York, who has produced an incredible set of five athletes. Williamsville is also Bill's home town. Three play in the NFL: Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots. The most famous is Rob Gronkowski, who is on his way to NFL history. Another played major league baseball, and another is a Division 1 football player.
Learn more about Rob Gronkowski at Wikipedia
The authors are Gordon Gronkowski and Jeff Schober.
The publisher is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The book can be purchased on Amazon

An article of Bill's on sales ethics appeared in the book Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance by Eli Jones, Carl Stevens, and Larry Chonko

Bill was interviewed for the book Up Your Game!: Skills, Tips, and Strategies to Achieve Total Sports Mastery, written by Gary Belsky and Neil Fine. Bill was interviewed for the chapter: Pro Perspective: How To Give A Pep Talk. Gary Belsky is the former Editor In Chief of ESPN The Magazine.

Bill's work appeared in these books, either from an interview or from Bill's writings on a wide array of subjects:

Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Peak Performance in the Legal Profession

In Praise of Failure: The Value of Overcoming Mistakes in Sports and in Life

Relations Writing Worktext: A Practical Guide for the Profession

DK Essential Managers: Effective Communication

The Interprofessional Practice Education in Clinical Settings: Toolkit

Kinesiology: The Science of Movement

Marketing Your Value: 9 Steps to Navigate Your Career By Michael Edmondson, published by The Business Expert Press, 2015

The Student Athlete's College Recruitment Guide

Challenging Mindset: Why a Growth Mindset Makes a Difference in Learning

Athlete Career Killers: Ultimate All-in-One Success System Helps Athletes Avoid Trouble!

Moment of Impact: Harness the Explosive Power of Three to Maximize Your Mind

The Financial Advisor's Success Manual: How To Structure And Grow Your Financial Services Practice

The Winning Edge: Mastering the Mental Game In Sports and Life

The Psychology Of Coaching Team Sports: A Self-Help Guide

Author Of Hundreds Of Assessment Instruments

Bill has created, authored and published hundreds of assessment instruments, tests and other psychological measurement devices. Bill Cole, MS, MA is a prolific developer of tests and measurements who has devised hundreds of such tools that have been used by people around the world.

Bill has been involved with educational testing, measurement and psychometrics since the early 70's. Since then he has had a special interest in creating tests that measure a variety of parameters, using such tools as surveys, assessments, tests, quizzes, questionnaires, skill tests, knowledge tests, and tests of attitudes. He creates, on average, more than a dozen tests each year. These tests have been developed and adapted for use in business, education, the arts, medicine and many specialized fields.

One of his best-known psychological assessments is The Cole Mental Game of Sports Assessment Tool (CMGSAT). This test has 300 items over 22 pages, organized into 30 sections of 10 questions each for a total of 300 questions.

He has created multiple specialized assessments in these areas:

  1. Sports psychology for athletes

  2. Sports psychology for coaches

  3. Sports psychology for parents

  4. Tennis

  5. Golf

  6. Badminton

  7. Executive coaching

  8. Presentation skills

  9. Interview skills

  10. Sales skills

  11. Customer service skills

  12. Stress management

  13. Wellness

  14. Peak performance

  15. Test stress

  16. Leadership

  17. Team-building

  18. Life coaching

  19. Coaching skills for coaches

  20. Teaching skills, for teachers

  21. Mental fitness

Author Of Books, Articles, Training Programs And Audio Programs

Bill has been one of the most innovative writers and practitioners of the mental game of sports since the mid 1970's. He is a prolific author of books, articles, training manuals and audio products on sports psychology, peak performance, motivation, self-development, the paradox of success, mental toughness, team-building, leadership, achievement, mental training, coaching and other topics. In 1995 Bill co-authored the book, with Stephen J. Ginsky, entitled, The Corporate Athlete: Values And Practices Of Peak Performers In The Workplace.

Bill has written over 550 articles, assessment instruments and monographs. Yahoo Sports has said, "Bill Cole is a leading author on sports psychology."

Learn more about Bill’s books and audio programs.

Bill Cole As A Writer

Bill has written for television, film, radio, podcasts, industrials, public presentations, politicians, newspapers, magazines, marketing materials, for his clients and many other industries and applications. He was the Newsletter Editor of Professionally Speaking, the monthly print and electronic newsletter for the National Speakers Association of Northern California, and many other ezines.

He's been a regular columnist in newspapers and magazines. For many years he wrote a column on sales for Transaction World magazine. In the 80's Bill was the west coast correspondent for Inside Tennis magazine, traveling to all the pro events, and interviewed almost every tennis player of that era and beyond, including stars such as John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Andre Agassi, Mats Wilander, Jim Courier, Jimmy Arias, Stefan Edberg, Michael Chang, Steffi Graff, Virginia Wade, Martina Hingis, Andy Roddick, Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson, Owen Davidson, Yannick Noah, Jose Higueras, Jose Luis Clerc, Guillermo Vilas, Johan Kriek, Roscoe Tanner and others.

Learn more about Bill’s consulting services.

Professional Speaker, Seminar Leader And Workshop Leader

A professional speaker, seminar leader and workshop leader for over 30 years, Bill Cole has spoken to a wide variety of audiences nationally and internationally. He's an engaging, warm speaker and master storyteller. He was a member of the Board Of Directors of The National Speakers Association (Northern California) for two years.

The Mental Game Moment™

In 1985 Bill Cole created The Mental Game Moment™. Since then, Bill has traveled the world training, speaking and writing about The Mental Game Moment™ on a regular basis. The Mental Game Moment™ is a special formula of mental strategies and procedures that helps people enter the zone to perform at peak levels. The Mental Game Moment™ has been applied to sports, test taking, stress management, interview coaching, sales coaching, presentation skills, writing, business, executive coaching, and a range of other learning and performance arenas.

Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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Competitive Experiences As An Athlete: Amateur, College And Professional

Bill played multiple competitive sports starting at age nine. As a kid, Bill was an All-Star Little-League baseball pitcher, and he also competed in football. Bill also played squash and racquetball at a very high level.

He competed at the national level in tennis and badminton, reaching the quarter-finals of the US Intercollegiate Badminton Doubles Championships. He played numerous competitive events in the US and Canada. He was a #1 high school tennis team player (undefeated in his junior and senior years) and #1 college tennis team player, won six Conference titles in college (three singles championships and three doubles championships), and was a finalist, semi-finalist and quarter-finalist in the New York State Intercollegiate Tennis Championships.

He played in hundreds of competitive tennis events over a career of 15 years. He was winner or finalist in 25 tennis tournaments and played professional tennis in the 1970's and 1980's. As Bill puts it, "I earned money as a pro, played some big name pros, played on television, and then realized I had to retire, because I ran out of talent."

In 1981, he posted a win over Steve Denton, who went on to become the fastest server (138 mph) in pro tennis history in 1984 and who won the US Open Doubles Championships in 1982. He played Sherwood Stewart, the #1 pro doubles tennis player in the world eyeball-to-eyeball in 1983 and lived to tell about it.

Bill was inducted into the Buffalo Tennis Hall of Fame and was a four-time college conference champion in tennis with career wins over a reigning US National Champion and also a future Wimbledon and Australian Open Doubles Champion. He played against 15 US National Champions, who won dozens of US National Championships, nine US Davis Cuppers and International Davis Cuppers, four Grand Slam Champions, who won 22 Grand Slams at Wimbledon, The US Open, The French and The Australian.

Bill Cole playing tennis
Bill Cole during his competitive years

Academic And Clinical Training In Psychology, Education, Sports Psychology, Counseling Psychology

Bill was the first person in the world to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Psychology. He did this in 1978 from The State University Of New York at Buffalo. As an undergraduate, he was awarded the Albert Zeigler Award for academic excellence. As a graduating senior (Cum laude honors), he won the prestigious Clifford R. Furnas Award as a University Scholar-Athlete.

He holds a Master of Science in physical education with specialization in Sport Psychology from California State University-Fullerton (CSUF). He graduated CSUF in 1986, and, in his last year, was inducted into Psi Chi, The National Honor Society In Psychology. He holds a Master Of Arts In Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University in northern California. Bill completed his first Masters degree under one of the pioneers in sport psychology and a top sport psychology consultant working in the world today, Dr. Ken Ravizza, author of the best-selling sports psychology book, Heads Up Baseball.

Bill has had additional college and graduate coursework from UC-Santa Cruz, John F. Kennedy University and the Western Graduate School Of Psychology in Palo Alto, California.

Bill took classes from or worked under a number of top people in the field of sport psychology, including Dr. Ken Ravizza, Dr. Ronald Witchey, Dr. Tom Tutko, Dr. Lars Eric Unestahl, and Dr. Jim Loehr. He has also received training and certification in clinical and medical hypnosis, sports hypnosis, and Neuro-linguistic programming.

Bill has had experience as a counselor at the college and high school levels, as a psychiatric recreation leader at a state mental hospital and as a psychotherapist in the outpatient division of a large mental health agency.

The Mental Game Of Tennis Expert

Bill's book, The Mental Game of Tennis, will be re-published, as a revised and updated edition, in 2018. This is the culmination of hundreds of interviews with world-class tennis pros, thousands of hours of coaching with players at all levels and countless hours of research into the sports psychology of tennis.

Bill is often hired by the coaching teams of top ATP and WTA pros to train them in his mental methodologies. One such player was top 10 in the world who reached the finals of Wimbledon and the semi-finals of the French Open, with wins over Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Another WTA pro was top 4 in the world, who reached the finals of the Australian Open and won the WTA Finals. Bill helped another ATP player move from number 185 in the world in doubles to the top five.

Bill has been sponsored by Wilson Racquet Sports for many years. In 2018 Bill was awarded with the Team Wilson USPTA GOLD STAFF Tennis Sponsorship. This is the highest sponsorship level in Wilson worldwide.

Bill has been the mental game coach to professional tennis players who have had wins over Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick and Michael Chang. Wimbledon, The US Open, and Davis Cup are just a few of the major international events at which he has coached. A two-sport athlete at the national level, and a former tennis professional, Bill was inducted into the Buffalo Tennis Hall Of Fame for his accomplishments as a player and coach. He is the author of the book The Mental Game of Tennis. Bill was the sport psychology advisor to the nationally-known pioneering Tennis Teaching "Tennis Tech" Program at Tyler College in Tyler, Texas for many years.

In the 80's Bill created, developed and presented the Zen Tennis High Performance Clinics. He also created, developed and presented The Concentration Clinic for tennis and The Concentration Clinic for golf.

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The Mental Game Of Golf Expert

Bill's book, The Mental Game of Golf, will be re-published, as a revised and updated edition, in 2017. Bill has been mental game coach to players who have achieved these milestones:

  • Men's and Women's Professional PGA and LPGA Golf Tour Competitors

  • United States Walker Cup Team member

  • PING first-team college All-American honors

  • Fifth place at NCAA College Golf Championships

  • Top NORCAL High School and college competitors

  • Second-Place winner of $40,000 on Nationwide Tour

  • Two-time competitor in the World Golf Championships

  • Competitor on Senior PGA Pro Tour

  • Competitors at the World Junior Golf Championships

  • Golfers on top golf teams in the NCAA

Bill was a sport psychology advisor to the Joe Theil Worldwide Golf Schools, in Olympia, Washington, Palm Springs, California, Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan. He wrote their golf psychology curriculum and worked with their golfers at many levels of proficiency, including tour players. Joe is a top-50 Golf Magazine golf coach and master PGA Professional and Lead Instructor for Mizuno Golf. He coached the 1998 US Open Women's Champion, Se Ri Pak, and over 200 tour players, college players and high-ranking amateurs. In the 1980's Bill was the Golf Psychology Advisor to the Cal State Fullerton Men's Golf Program. Bill himself is a good golfer, with good swings, who does not get to play frequently enough, with all the speaking, training and coaching he does. He hopes the future brings more golf time.

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International And National Clientele

He consults with athletes, parents and coaches from all around the United States and the world on a wide variety of issues in sport psychology. Clients speak to him regularly by video conference from Germany, England, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Mexico and many other countries. He has provided sports psychology coaching services for individuals and/or teams in over 100 sports, plus dance, music, bridge, poker and blackjack at the youth, amateur, high school, college, and professional levels.

He has been mental game coach to athletes or coaches on 25 US World Teams, US Olympic Teams and USA National Teams:

  • United States Women's Olympic Volleyball Team

  • United States Men's Olympic Diving Team

  • Team USA-Men's Diving

  • Team USA-Weightlifting

  • Team USA-Baseball

  • Team USA-Swimming

  • Team USA-Muay Thai Kickboxing

  • Team USA-Women's U23 Soccer Team

  • Team USA-Women's U18 Soccer Team

  • Team USA Cycling Team

  • Team USA-Junior Boy's Olympic Fencing Team

  • Team USA-Junior Girl's Olympic Fencing Team

  • Team USA FIFA U-23 Women's Soccer World Cup Team

  • Team USA Taekwondo Team-Junior

  • Team USA U16 Junior Basketball Team

  • Team USA Junior Squash Team

  • Team USA Junior Tennis Team

  • Team USA Junior Badminton Team

  • Team USA in Airplane Gliding

  • World Team USA in Airplane Gliding

  • Under-20 US Women's National Soccer Team

  • Team USA-Pan American Games Weightlifting

  • Team USA Weightlifting

  • USA World Team Weightlifting

  • Team USA Cadet Table Tennis

  • US National Table Tennis Team

  • World Hopes Team, USA

His world-champion, world record-holder, national champion, number-one ranked clients (some current, some former) include:

  • Four-time Muay Thai Kickboxing World Champion Miriam Nakamoto (former client)

  • US National U18 Soccer Champion

  • England's number one female mixed martial arts competitor

  • US National Champion Bridge player

  • Erik Weihenmayer, athlete and extreme adventurer, the only blind person in history to climb to the top of Mount Everest

  • Four-time US National Champion tennis player

  • Player on Stanford University National Champion Women's Soccer Team

  • Multiple US National and International and World Champion in Diving

  • Multiple number one ranked and National Champion boys and girl table players in the United States

  • National Champion in Youth Soccer

  • NCAA National Champion Diver

  • Number three-ranked girl chess player in the US, and member of the US World Chess Team

  • World record holder in distance adventure motorcycling

  • Number three-ranked Girls 14 squash player in the US

  • Three-time US National Girl's Fencing Champion

  • Number four-ranked Boys 12 squash player in the US

  • Three-time US National Boy's Fencing Champion

  • Winner of the NCAA National Diving Championship

  • US National Champion Olympic Woman Weightlifter

  • Winner of the Pan American Championships in cycling

  • US National speed record-holder in airplane gliding

  • Number three pick in the women's soccer pro draft

  • Number one ranked badminton player in the United States

  • World championships competitor in Jiu Jitsu

  • Number one ranked professional water skier in Mexico

  • Player nominated for the ESPY Award for Best Female College Athlete

  • Number one ranked man tennis player in Israel

  • Winner of the Herman Trophy, for the top female soccer player in the NCAA collegiate ranks

  • Number one ranked woman tennis player in China

  • Four-time World Champion paraplegic downhill ski racer with 12 gold medals

  • Winner of the AHRMA World and National Middle Weight Superbike Motorcycle Championships

He has been mental coach to athletes or coaches on these 15 international, world and national teams:

  • Canadian Olympic Curling Team

  • Israeli Davis Cup Tennis Team

  • Irish National Cricket Team

  • Mexican National Water Ski Team

  • Chinese Federation Cup Women's Tennis Team

  • National World Cup Soccer Team of Mexico

  • Mexican National Soccer Team

  • Swiss National Golf Team

  • Team Canada National Junior Badminton Team

  • Singapore National Fencing Team

  • British Junior Badminton National Team

  • The Slovak National Shooting Team

  • The Slovak National Archery Team

  • British National Archery Team

  • Slovak Special Forces

He has been mental coach to athletes or coaches in these 31 professional associations, circuits or leagues:

  • Major League Baseball (MLB)

  • Minor League Baseball

  • National Football League (NFL)

  • Men's ATP Professional Tennis Association

  • Challenger Professional Tennis Tour (ATP)

  • Women's Professional Tennis Association (WTA)

  • Women's Professional Tennis Circuit (ITF)

  • United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)

  • Professional Motorcycle Racing-British Superbike Circuit

  • US AMA Professional Motorcycling Road Racing Circuit

  • Professional Adventure Motorcycle Racing Circuit

  • National Thoroughbred Racing Association

  • International Professional Water Skiing Circuit

  • Professional Golfer's Association (PGA)

  • Nationwide Tour (PGA)

  • Ladies Professional Golfer's Association (LPGA)

  • Futures Golf Tour (LPGA)

  • Canadian Professional Golf Tour-Ladies

  • Canadian Professional Golf Tour-Men

  • Men's Professional Rodeo Rider's Association

  • Women's Professional Rodeo Rider's Association

  • Idaho Cowboy's Association

  • Northwest Professional Rodeo Association

  • Professional Poker Association

  • International Bridge Association

  • Bellator Mixed Martial Arts

  • StrikeForce Mixed Martial Arts Association

  • World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

  • Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW)

  • National Professional BMX Circuit

  • International Professional BMX Circuit

  • World Cricket League

Bill Cole's Career As A Tennis Teaching Professional

In his long career in the tennis industry, Bill held positions in virtually every imaginable aspect of the field. He taught at some of the world's most prestigious tennis clubs and resorts, including country clubs, international resorts, private tennis clubs, public facilities, colleges, camps, indoor clubs and university clubs. He founded and owned the Bill Cole Tennis School in Saratoga, California from 1984 until 2004.
Bill Cole Tennis School
Bill has been a leader in the tennis industry since the late 70's when he was the Co-Founder and Vice President of the Western New York Professional Tennis Teachers Association. In the early 1980’s Bill helped prepare China’s #1 woman pro, Hu Hna to compete on the pro circuit and to play an exhibition against Martina Navratilova.

In the 1980's Bill was a touring Coach on the National Junior Tournament Circuit. He was the Head Coach of the 1985 Northern California Boys 16 Intersectional Team that competed at the world Mecca of junior tennis, the Nationals at Kalamazoo. His junior players have gone on to achieve honors in collegiate play at Stanford, Duke, Georgia, UOP, Santa Clara, Indiana, Syracuse, Pepperdine and many other Division I schools.

In 1985 The United States Professional Tennis Association designated Bill Pro-1 after an extensive, rigorous testing protocol. This is the highest tested rating in the nation. Currently this title has been changed to the Elite Rating, which Bill still holds.

Bill was on the teaching staff and research staff of the Vic Braden World Headquarters in Coto De Caza, California in the early 1980's when Vic Braden was rated the second most visible celebrity in the tennis world. Arthur Ashe was #1.

In 1990 Bill was a founding member of the Intercollegiate Tennis Coaches Association (ITCA) Tennis Sport Psychology Committee.

Bill has played or conducted teaching clinics with famed professional players Steve Denton, Ilie Nastase, Tony Roche, Marty Reissen, Sherwood Stewart, Jimmy Arias, Luke Jensen, Scott Davis, Paul Annacone, Robert Van't Hoff, Jimmy Parker, Mati Timoninen, Rauno Suominin, Charley Hoeveler, Peter Burwash and others. Bill was a clinician for the Siebel Men's Senior Pro Tour, which featured John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors and other top stars.

Bill's tennis students have earned hundreds of rankings, honors and tournament titles in every conceivable age level and division in multiple sections across the United States and internationally. He has coached seven National Champions. Among Bill's client achievements:

  • Over 20 National And International Championships.

  • 11 California State Championships.

  • 34 United States National Rankings.

  • 22 Top-Ten United States National Rankings.

  • 32 #1 USTA Sectional Rankings.

  • 70 Top-Ten USTA Sectional Rankings.

  • 148 USTA Sectional Rankings in the East, Texas, Southern California and Northern California.

  • Coaching a player in winning the "Senior US National Championships Grand Slam", which was US National Mother-Daughter Championships on all four surfaces—grass, hard court, clay and indoor.

Bill was Tennis Coach to the Hollywood Stars in the 70's and 80's, teaching celebrities such as Bill Cosby, Chevy Chase, Andy Williams, The Fifth Dimension, Olympic Gold Medalist ice skater Peggy Fleming, and Gladys Knight and The Pips and other luminaries.

Sports Psychology Coach For Baseball At #1 Ranked Stanford University

A few years ago Bill was hired as the sports psychology coach for the Stanford University baseball team, and they were very grateful for his efforts and assistance there:

"Bill Cole is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country. He crafted a powerful mental game peak performance program for us, ranging from being a consultant to the coaching staff, a mental game advisor to individual players, and team mental game coach for group sessions. He has demonstrated to us why he is an authority on sports psychology. He has truly helped us get to the next level of performance. Bill's peak performance system helped us tremendously in our march to reach the finals of the College World Series."
Stanford University Baseball Team

Bill has been Mental Game Coach to numerous College All-Americans in multiple sports, including baseball players who have been drafted by seven major-league Baseball Teams – the Texas Rangers, the Atlanta Braves, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bill provided sport psychology coaching for five Stanford collegiate baseball players who have captured professional baseball contracts with major league pro teams with an average contract salary and bonus of $800,000. One player achieved a signing bonus of $1 million.

Honors And Awards

Bill Cole has received four Who's Who honors, two Hall of Fame honors, four academic awards, two international website awards, an international LinkedIn award, numerous business awards and numerous athletic awards.

  • Who's Who in Professional Speaking

  • International Who's Who of Professionals

  • Who's Who in American Education

  • Who's Who of Executives and Professionals

  • Psi Chi, National Honor Society in Psychology

  • The Albert Zeigler Award for Academic Excellence (as an undergraduate)

  • Athlete Of The Week October 10, 1976 by The Spectrum, the SUNY-Buffalo student newspaper, for winning the 1976 Big Four Conference #1 Singles Championships and Big Four Conference #1 Doubles Championships. SUNY-Buffalo had an enrollment of 30,000 students at the time.

  • The Clifford R. Furnas University Scholar-Athlete Award (as a graduating senior), which carried a stipend for graduate school.

  • Winner of the 2003 Distinguished Alumni/Wall Of Fame Award as an Outstanding Graduate of the Williamsville Central School District.

  • Inducted into the Buffalo, New York Tennis Hall of Fame in 2008.

  • Bill's website was awarded "top 20 website" by as one of the top sports psychology websites in the world. Press Release

  • Bill's website was awarded #8 in the "top 20 websites" by as one of the top sports coaching websites in the world.

  • Bill was the Consulting Producer on the documentary film The High: Making the Toughest Race on Earth, which was selected as a 'Finalist Best Feature' in the 2015 Trail Running Film Festival.
  • Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

  • William B. Cole Consultants won the 2021 Best of Cupertino Awards for Business Management Consultants, given by the Cupertino Award Program.

  • William B. Cole Consultants won the 2020 Best of Cupertino Awards for Business Management Consultants, given by the Cupertino Award Program.

  • William B. Cole Consultants won the 2017 Best of Cupertino Awards for Business Management Consultants, given by the Cupertino Award Program.

  • William B. Cole Consultants won the 2016 Best of Cupertino Awards for Business Consultants, given by the Cupertino Award Program.

  • William B. Cole Consultants won the 2012 Best of Cupertino Awards for Business Management Consultants, given by the Cupertino Award Program.

  • In 2021 Bill Cole, MS, MA was featured as a "World Class Performer" on the website

Client Case Studies

Here are some examples of how Bill regularly works with his professional, international, national, state and local athletes, teams and coaches.

  1. Delivering daily mental sessions by Facetime with a Team USA diver for two weeks as he was preparing for the Olympics in London. He won Bronze.

  2. Preparing a top-ten US fencer to compete at the national championships, by helping him trust his trained instincts more.

  3. Helping a ten-time US national champion diver qualify for their second Olympic Team, by stopping their tendency to over-think situations.

  4. Consulting to a current top-ten ranked ATP tennis professional who has reached the finals of Wimbledon, on maintaining the mental edge, in spite of being on the grinding tour for many years.

  5. Consulting to the team of a current top-five ranked WTA female tennis professional who has won Wimbledon two times, on handling the pressures of expectations from the media, sponsors and their national governing sports body.

  6. Spending multiple weeks on tour in Europe and the US coaching professional athletes on their circuits.

  7. Coaching multiple college and professional golfers in how to maintain life balance, stress control and poise under pressure of tournament play.

  8. Coaching Erik Weihenmayer who is the world's number one blind adventure athlete, and the only blind person to reach the top of Mount Everest. Bill helped Erik improve his concentration and mental strength.

  9. Daily 15-minute mental sessions by Facetime with Team USA national champion in Olympic weightlifting and national record-holder preparing for the 2016 world championships.

  10. Coaching the coach of a top five table tennis player at the world championships to manage their emotions better.

  11. Mental coaching for players on the US Women's Olympic Volleyball team, and the US National Women's Volleyball Team, and various NCAA Division I College Volleyball Teams.

  12. Spending a week via Skype mentally preparing a diver on Team USA who won bronze at the FINA Diving World Cup in Brazil in February 2016.

  13. Sport psychology consulting to the two-time world curling champion, and 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist Russ Howard, who was named "Curler of the Century" by Sweep magazine, writing the chapter on mental training for Russ’s book, Curl To Win.

  14. Coaching professional golfers who have competed on both the men’s PGA Golf Tour and the women’s LPGA Golf Tour to believe in themselves more and to have confidence.

  15. Providing mental coaching on attentional control to a world-class bridge player who went on to make the US National Team and win a national championship.

  16. Coaching England's number-one female mixed martial arts competitor on handling pressure and to develop a pre-event ritual and routine.

  17. Showing a female rock climber how to overcome fear, who went on to win major championships.

  18. Helping a top national female college All-American soccer player at Stanford University to overcome her fear of mistakes, recover mentally, and stay on track in games.

  19. Counseling multiple athletes after a loss, helping them to make sense of it, learn from it, and then release it from their mind so they can move on.

  20. Helping a top national female swimmer manage negative teammates who were actually trying to sabotage her, because they were envious of her success.

  21. Coaching an NFL hopeful place kicker at the NFL Combine to concentrate better under pressure. This kicker had been on the winning Stanford University post-season Orange Bowl team.

  22. Coaching a professional calf-roper how to manage self-consciousness in front of huge crowds at the World Championships Of Team Roping in Las Vegas.

  23. Training the coach of the Irish National Cricket Team in a comprehensive mental training program he used with his team to break into the top tiers of the cricket world for the first time ever.

  24. Helping the top-five female Cross-Fit athlete in the world manage her motivation and energy levels in competition.

  25. Providing coaching for a member of US World Team in Gliding and a US National speed record holder on avoiding choking.

  26. Providing mental coaching for a US National Champion in Olympic Weightlifting, Aimee Anaya, on mental readiness, using associative and dissociative strategies.

  27. Providing mental game coaching for multiple Muay Thai Kickboxing World Champion Miriam Nakamoto (former client) on getting psyched up.

  28. Providing mental game coaching to a member of the Mexican National Soccer Team who was having problems with the coaching staff.

  29. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques with a female gymnast to help her overcome a severe fear of being injured.

  30. Helping a player in the FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer Tournament overcome stage fright in front of the media.

  31. Consulting with a three-time US National Fencing Champion, around coach communication and staying in the moment under pressure.

  32. Creating a comprehensive mental training program for the number one ranked badminton player in the United States, specifically around the will to win and killer instinct.

  33. Consulting services for a top five ranked male professional motorcycle racer in the US, dealing with manager and agent issues.

  34. Creating an extensive mental coaching program for a top five ranked female professional motorcycle racer in Europe.

  35. Advising motorcycle racer Chris Carr, the top adventure rider for Harley Davidson, winner of the AHRMA World and National Middle Weight Superbike Motorcycle Championships, and a world record-holder on life balance.

  36. Coaching a member of Under-20 US Women's National Soccer Team on how to overcome the fear of losing.

  37. Being mental coach to the number one ranked professional water skier in Mexico, helping him use visualization.

  38. Coaching a Major League Baseball (MLB) professional umpire handle the stress of travel and energy management.

  39. Coaching a member of the Under 16 US National Basketball Team on dealing with parental pressure.

  40. Coaching a member of the Mexican National Soccer Team to deal better with mistakes in a game.

  41. Helping a recent #1 pick in the women's pro draft in soccer transition from college to pros.

  42. Coaching a four-time world champion paraplegic downhill ski racer, Sarah Will, with 12 gold medals, to use mental imagery.

  43. Creating a comprehensive mental training program for a team of world-class competitors in Irish Dance.

  44. Helping multiple female athletes deal with bullies in their sport, and how to find their own voice and become more assertive.

  45. Advising professional athletes on how to capture momentum and to avoid the traps of the lead.

  46. Coaching the entire pitching staff on the Stanford Baseball Team, in their run-up to the finals of the College World Series, and helping them deal with the intense pressure.

  47. Helping thousands of athletes with goal setting for practices, lessons and competitions.

  48. Helping multiple gymnasts get past their fears on various skills and tricks.

  49. Coaching college athletes to deal with a negative coach, by improving listening skills and image management skills.

  50. Advising a member of the United States National Cycling Team to change her pre-competition mental readiness rituals, resulting in her winning the Gold Medal at the Pan American Championships in downhill bicycling.

  51. Coaching a championship MMA professional fighter for Strike Force to a major professional MMA championship, by helping them handle the pressure of appearing on TV.

  52. Flying to Hollywood in 2014 to appear on camera as the sport psychologist for the MMA documentary, The Hurt Game, by Director Vlad Yudin.

  53. Coaching US Open competitors in Karate, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, and other combatives forms to develop mental toughness to handle mind games from fellow competitors.

  54. Providing a multi-year mental training program for a top five-ranked junior squash player in the US.

  55. Coaching a US Open table tennis competitor on how to concentrate under pressure, who went on to win three national championships in three divisions in 2015.

  56. Coaching multiple top five-ranked junior tennis players in the US on a wide range of issues such as how not to blow leads, dealing with unfair and poor officiating, cheating from opponents and handling the paradox of success.

  57. Showing top competitors in professional poker and blackjack how to win using so-called "negative motivation", and to stop self-limiting beliefs.

  58. Consulting with a former Olympian and nine-time US National Champion who now coaches, on the mental challenges his team faces.

  59. Delivering media training for professional athletes so they feel confident in front of the cameras, microphones and with print media.

  60. Advising parents of a national champion soccer player about when their daughter should turn pro, and how to manage that transition from a mental perspective.

  61. Counseling a national champion in how to successfully overcome the "paradox of success", and the "one hit wonder syndrome".

  62. Using sports hypnosis with a national champion Olympic weightlifter, about to compete at the international world trials to qualify for the US Olympic Team.

  63. Counseling an international athlete about her challenging and negative teammate, and devising strategies to communicate with them.

  64. Consulting with a physical therapist and trainer on the psychological aspects of dealing with injured athletes.

  65. Advising parents of hundreds of athletes how to "back off" and let their child take ownership of their sport, leading to more self-accountability, and mature decision-making.

  66. Helping a professional water skier get past a mental block about falling during a complex skill, and of how to manage their expectations and others' expectations.

  67. Coaching two table tennis players ranked in the top 5 of the US in preparation for the Olympic trials.

  68. Consulting with a former top 4-ranked WTA player in preparing for the French Open Championships.

  69. Counseled an All-American tennis player who wanted to quit the sport into trying the professional ATP tour for 6-month periods. Worked with him on focus, mental preparation, and how to learn from losses. He went out on tour, starting out ranked #1078 in doubles. Within 18 months he had won three large doubles championships, reached the semi-finals of a Grand Slam, joined the Davis Cup Team in his country and had wins over every top pro in the world. As of today he is the #5 ranked doubles player in the world and his tournament earnings are approaching $1 million.

  70. Interviewing Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champion first baseman Kevin Millar, on the zone, in a podcast.

  71. Consulting to the coaching team of a former top eight WTA player who had been a Semi-Finalist and Finalist at two Grand Slams. This player has won the WTA Finals and was ranked #33, with career earnings of over $10 million.

  72. Coaching a BJJ martial arts competitor who had never won a match over many years, and who was about to quit. Taught him mindfulness and fighting spirit methods and within two years he had won major regional tournaments, achieved his black belt and won two US Open National Championships!

  73. Coaching a female Olympic weightlifter during Olympic trials.

  74. Coaching multiple baseball players and softball players to overcome the throwing yips.

  75. Coaching a fencer on the Singaporean National Fencing Team in preparation for the Olympic Trials.

  76. Coaching an international, professional e-sports player to manage energy levels over long tournaments.

  77. Coaching the #5 world-ranked woman professional obstacle race competitor to handle pre-race anxiety, resulting in multiple international podiums.

  78. Coaching a senior master's woman runner to maintain focus when tired and to finish strong.

  79. Training a former National Champion in Ms. National Fitness and Ms. Fitness U.S.A. and a FBB Figure Pro in the IMGCA Mental Game Coaching system.

  80. Consulting with a Dutch sport psychologist on how to better train her clients who compete internationally in canoeing and kayaking.

  81. Coaching a US National BJJ blackbelt champion to overcome anxiety, OCD and "stuck thoughts". He went on to win multiple national-level and international events, and he's still winning.

  82. Preparing a diver for the NCAA National Championships, which he won.

  83. Consulting with an 11 year-old golfer who was the youngest to compete in the US Open golf tournament.

  84. Coaching with the parents of a six year-old golfer who was playing national events and the World Junior Golf Tournament, on emotionality and anger issues.

  85. Coaching with the parents of an 11 year-old diver at the national level who balked uncontrollably.

  86. Coaching with many national level weight lifters who have "clarked" (balked).

  87. Coaching a Stanford University Baseball Team member to be more assertive and to promote himself to his coaches so he can get on their radar as a worthy player.

  88. Coaching a national level weight lifter to overcome balking and to go on to break multiple American records at the Olympic Trials.

  89. Coaching with untold numbers of parents and athletes on how to successfully handle negative coaches.

  90. Devising an anger management and attentional control program for a Major League Baseball (MLB) umpire who was a perfectionist.

  91. Coaching a first-time national competitor in table tennis win two national titles at the same tournament.

  92. Coaching a Team USA weightlifter to an eighth-place finish at the Pan Am Games in Columbia.

  93. Coaching a Team USA weight lifter to a US National record and her second US National Championship.

  94. Preparing a Team USA Olympic diver for the Olympic Trials.

  95. Devising a mental game boot camp for a runner leading up to the Toughest Mudder Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. The client made podium and won money. Also won fastest lapper. This qualified her for the world championships again.

  96. Coaching a two-time US National Champion and multiple US record-holder in Olympic Weightlifting for the Olympic Trials.

  97. Coaching a world-class runner to achieve 4th place in the Redbull 400 World Championships in Germany.

  98. Engaging in long-term distance mental coaching with one of the top high school basketball players in the country. He reached the finals of Dick's Basketball National Championships, and accepted a scholarship to a top D-1 basketball school.

  99. Providing emergency coaching with a top-three nationally-ranked US diver one week before her US national championships. This national titlist had developed a case of the balks, and could not dive on certain dives from extreme fear. She went on to compete successfully, and barely missed a top three finish.

  100. Preparing a professional MMA fighter for a televised match.

  101. Coaching, on site at the World Series Of Team Roping, a calf-roper to remain calm and to be patient, by giving him specific attentional cues to use throughout his roping sequence.

  102. Coaching a lacrosse player to be more aggressive and to have more of a killer instinct.

  103. Coaching a polo player to "read his horse" by "reading himself" so they both remain in synch.

  104. Coaching a national champion slot-car racer to slow down his mind so he can visually track his car and his competitor's cars better.

  105. Coaching a cross-country runner to use associative and dissociative mental strategies at different points during the race.

  106. Coaching a pole-vaulter to use specific mental cues during the vault, and to stop analyzing and reflecting until the vault is over.

  107. Coaching an ice figure skater to manage her parents and coach better, by using advanced listening skills to defuse their hostility.

  108. Coaching a volleyball player to have better focus on serve receive, by use of breathing and focusing techniques.

  109. Coaching a state championship wrestler to stop being a people pleaser, and instead, to play for himself.

  110. Coaching a Cross Fit competitor to stop working against herself, and to get into the zone when she needs it most.

  111. Coaching a team-roping rodeo competitor, on site at the World Series Of Team Roping, to assess, benchmark and lock in perfect timing throughout his entire run.

  112. Coaching a racquetball player to keep his mind in the present, instead of the past of future, by use of simple, yet potent inner game methods.

  113. Preparing a Jiu Jitsu competitor for the US Open.

  114. Preparing a high school baseball player for team tryouts.

  115. Coaching a PGA Champions Tour competitor on how to reduce and manage jitters and racing mind.

  116. Coaching an LPGA Tour rookie on how to stop self-sabotage and how to craft realistic expectations.

  117. Coaching a weight lifting rookie how to prepare her schedule for national level events.

  118. Coaching an 11 year-old boy to overcome his perfectionism and emotionality when he makes mistakes.

  119. Coaching many parents, for many years, on how to manage their teens, from a systems strategy standpoint. Helping teens be more self-accountable, responsible, self-disciplined, aware, to make better choices, and to be better students, athletes and citizens.

  120. Coaching a Team Canada Badminton junior member to handle the pressures of dealing with an unreasonable doubles partner.

  121. Coaching a pitcher on the Yale University Baseball Team how to overcome a slump.

  122. Coaching a high-ranked junior tennis player how to manage social media, to lessen social approval-seeking behavior and to know the good reasons to compete.

  123. Coaching a tennis player from Greece on how to be more self-accepting, and less self-critical.

  124. Coaching a high school girl basketball player with ADD how to be more calm, focused and self-assured.

  125. Coaching a high school baseball player on how to make a come-back after being in a slump.

  126. Coaching a rock climber on how to maintain focus when climbing gets rough.

  127. Coaching a junior high basketball player to believe in himself more, and to stop minimizing and deflecting other people's compliments.

  128. Coaching a Canadian competitor in Olympic Weightlifting on how to communicate with her team better, and to take more charge of herself at events.

  129. Coaching a US National Fencing Champion to make a comeback and win his second US National Fencing Championship.

  130. Coaching a UCLA Baseball Team player on how to get along with his coaching staff better, so he would stop alienating them.

  131. Coaching a college baseball pitcher to overcome the yips, and to get back to his prior good days.

  132. Coaching a volleyball player to stop putting so much pressure on herself, and to get back to enjoying the sport she loves so much.

  133. Coaching a top 200-ranked weight lifter to sharpen her pre-lift ritual so she had laser focus.

  134. Coaching a top high school water polo player to overcome the fears and concerns of playing in front of a college scout.

  135. Coaching an Italian professional motorcycle racer to his very first victory, using visualization and mindfulness.

  136. Coaching a nationally ranked Canadian swimmer to overcome lack of fighting spirit and over-reliance on social approval.

  137. Coaching a ten year-old diver to be more consistent and calm in her training and competitions.

  138. Coaching a softball pitcher who lost her nerve on the mound, to become more present, calm and confident.

  139. Coaching a female Olympic weightlifter to her second and third US National Championship. In so doing she broke three American records.

  140. Consulting with a top-five US college Division I women's golf team, helping their players to focus at deeper levels.

  141. Preparing a nationally ranked Artistic Roller Skating competitor for her first national championships.

  142. Coaching a nationally-ranked diver qualify for three national events, after coming off major injuries, bouts of low confidence, and lack of training and competition.

  143. Helping a US nationally ranked gymnast fine-tune her mental readiness rituals for events, culminating in a college scholarship to a major, D-1 program.

  144. Preparing an international fencer for a series of major events, culminating in her winning Gold at the Pan American Games.

  145. Preparing a Team USA weightlifter to overcome mental blocks, for the Pan American Games.

  146. Helping a UCLA baseball player overcome the yips, who went on to be a major force in college baseball.

  147. Consulting to the Israeli Davis Cup Team in preparation for a match against Austria, going to Austria with the team.

  148. Helping a 13 year-old British badminton player achieve his life goal of making the British Junior Badminton Team.

  149. Coaching a high school volleyball player to tolerate the unavoidable shortcomings of her teammates so she can let go, relax, play better, and have better relationships with them.

  150. Coaching the #5-ranked female professional runner in the world to handle mid-race anxiety better. She took third place at the eight-hour Philadelphia Toughest Mudder Obstacle Race Course.

  151. Coaching a three time US national champion in table tennis overcome her anxieties about competing again after a break.

  152. Prepared the #5 world-ranked professional obstacle course racer for the World Championships. This coaching helped her secure a professional sponsorship contract with RedBull, as part of their international pro team.

  153. Preparing a Canadian National chess competitor for his national tournament around energy management.

  154. Coaching a national competitor in fencing handle a bad loss at his national tournament so he could regain his confidence.

  155. Coaching a professional MMA fighter prepare for a televised fight in the Bellator Professional MMA League.

  156. Coaching a professional UFC fighter prepare for his next set of fights.

  157. Coaching with the #1 MMA fighter in his weight class in India on how to handle team politics.

  158. Coaching a Team USA diver to win his second Olympic Trials, qualifying him to compete in his second Olympics, in Rio, in 2016.

  159. Coaching a world-class female runner who took third in an international Skyrunning Ultra in Mexico. Coaching her on how to handle extreme pain, discomfort and fatigue from a mental standpoint.

  160. Coaching with a previously podium-successful professional motocross motorcycle racer who had just moved up to the largest bike class of 450, helping him mentally adjust to the new machine and to race against the "cream of the cream" in his sport.

  161. Coaching a D-1 college volleyball player to stop putting herself down when she made mistakes. Taught her how to regroup, reset and get mentally tough.

  162. Coaching a professional golfer who had big initial success, but who crashed and burned from alcohol abuse. Coaching him to come back to the professional tour and to regain balance in his life.

  163. Coaching with a top national junior tennis player who had huge success at a young age, but who now was floundering due to an injury. Coaching him to deal with the ups and downs of a sport career, and in particular the phenomenon of "Golden Handcuffs" and the paradox of success.

  164. Coaching a coach of a biathlon athlete competing in the European Junior Championships and the World Junior Biathlon Championships.

  165. Coaching the father of a top-ranked distance runner and track star around his daughter's driven perfectionism, which led to her eating disorder. Consulted with her medical team to devise a treatment plan and to help her manage expectations, reduce pressure and stop self-sabotage.

  166. Coaching numerous Team USA athletes prior to and during their Olympic Trials.

  167. Consulting to the team of coaches of a top-ten world ranked pro ATP tennis player.

  168. Consulting to the coach of an Olympic Kayaker in preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics on issues of pain and focus.

  169. Coaching a professional motocross racer, helping him come back from numerous injuries to regain his confidence prior to the start of the season.

  170. Coaching an eight year-old motocross racer, helping him overcome pressure with his father coach, so he could reduce stress when he competed.

  171. Coaching a six year-old boy to compete at the World Championships of Golf, and to play the European Junior Golf Circuit.

  172. Coaching a Team USA volleyball player to relax more, and to stop putting so much pressure on herself.

  173. Coaching an athlete to cope with and to overcome the fear of flying.

  174. Coaching a team roper to cope with and to overcome the fear of riding horses.

  175. Coaching a US National Champion diver for the US National Diving Championships. Created and delivered an intensive mental boot camp prior to the event.

  176. Coaching a world-class Olympic weightlifter (Three-time US National Champion and multiple record-holder) for the Pan Am Games, on how to handle pressure.

  177. Coaching the #1 woman professional runner in Mexico to maintain focus after set-backs, and to handle the social aspects of her sport. She won multiple national titles and a world championship.

  178. Preparing a World Team USA Olympic weightlifter to communicate with her coach better, for the Pan American Games.

  179. Helping a D-1 soccer player at Stanford University to overcome panic attacks and high anxiety so she could pass her team tests and maintain her place on the team.

  180. Coaching a professional Supercross/Motocross Racer and Supercross Lites Champion to communicate with his team in a more supportive, effective manner.

  181. Preparing a World Team USA Olympic weightlifter to prepare mentally for the Arnold and Nationals, culminating in both personal records and US National Records.

  182. Coaching a national level youth diver who had a phobia about 3 meter dives and who could barely get off the platform to a first place finish at Regionals, to qualify for nationals.

  183. Consulting with a MLB free agent from the New York Mets on panic attacks and social anxiety.

  184. Consulting with the coach of a top WTA tennis player who won the year-end WTA Masters Tournament.

  185. Coaching a spear-fishing competitor to handle the frustration of losing, so he could amplify his will to win and his fighting spirit.

  186. Consulting with the family of a top table tennis player who had extreme anger issues to recover faster and to deepen focus.

  187. Coaching a National Champion in the skeleton event and a competitor at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games to handle frustration and set-backs better.

  188. Coaching a teenage girl gymnast who was in a major slump with crippling pre-event anxiety to a second place All-Around finish in the State Championships and Gold in bars and fifth all-around at Westerns.

  189. Helping a senior club golfer overcome the yips. He was about to quit, and since the coaching, he has gone on to have many years of enjoyable golf, with no hint of his prior issues.

  190. Coaching a world-class runner for their World Championships, in Germany, around pre-race anxiety. They took 4th place.

  191. Coaching an Irish professional MMA fighter on how to get more motivation and love for the sport, and how to stop beating himself in competition.

  192. Coaching a top 35 ATP tennis professional at the ATP event on-site at the event in Nottingham England, on pre-match preparation and managing expectations.

  193. Helping a Cal-Berkeley softball player overcome the yips, who went on to have an excellent career in college softball.

  194. Helping a "high school baseball player of the year" overcome his "paradox of fear" while transitioning into a major D-1 baseball program. He went on to be a major force in college baseball.

  195. Coaching a major reality TV star to overcome stage fright so he could appear more natural and engaging in front of the camera.

  196. Coaching a D-1 soccer player at a major university to overcome hypoxia and the shallow breathing syndrome, so she could remain a force on the team.

  197. Helping a world-ranked professional runner handle communications with her sponsor, about the pressure of her contract and their expectations.

  198. Coaching a college golfer, also a member of the Swiss National Golf Team, on concentration techniques to help him recover when he makes mistakes.

  199. Coaching a fencer to the three-time USA Fencing All-American First Team.

  200. Coaching a fencer to 5TH place in the World Junior Fencing Championships in Cairo, Egypt.

  201. Coaching a two-time American record holder, on The Team USA World Powerlifting Team

  202. Coaching an AMA Horizon Award Winner and a multiple AMA Amateur National Motocross Champion, in Motocross.

  203. Coaching a client at the Speedcubing World Championships, where he made a personal best time, achieving a top 8 US ranking.

  204. Helping a teen-age tennis client enter and play his first professional ITA tennis tournament.

  205. Coaching an adult table-tennis client focus better in her tournaments.

  206. Coaching a lacrosse client around injury management from a mental perspective.

  207. Coaching a lacrosse client on how to come back from a long layoff.

  208. Coaching a basketball client on how to mentally approach an upcoming game against the #1 college basketball team in the country, Gonzaga.

  209. Coaching a chess and tennis client on how to use his mental strengths to cross train for each activity.

  210. Coaching a gymnastic client to learn skills that they used to have mental blocks on.

  211. Coaching a High School football quarterback client to use his mind with more clarity, using the Nideffer attentional grid.

  212. Coaching a High School football quarterback client to upskill his leadership abilities.

  213. Coaching a state championship travel football client to be more aggressive and to be able to let go of mistakes.

  214. Coaching a dive client to take third place at the Kentucky State Championships, after a long break from diving, while college scouts were watching.

  215. Coaching a dive client to manage the college recruiting process, culminating in her getting an athletic scholarship to a major D-1 school, Alabama.

  216. Coaching a fencing client to reduce the stress of travelling internationally to events.

  217. Coaching a golf client to take second place in her club golf championships.

  218. Coaching a fencing client to take her highest Division-I result ever, top 25.

  219. Coaching a junior squash client to a best-ever finish at Nationals.

Client Successes

His clients have achieved sustainable successes at multiple levels. They have earned hundreds of rankings, ratings, honors and awards, including state championships, sectional championships, national championships, international professional championships and Olympic medals. They have achieved distinction as members of high school and college sports teams, and have won countless league and division championship titles.

Bill has provided sports psychology coaching and consulting in over 100 sports:

  • Acrobatic Skydiving

  • Alpine Skiing

  • Angling

  • Archery

  • Artistic Roller Skating

  • Auto racing

  • Badminton

  • Ballroom Dancing

  • Baseball

  • Baseball Umpire

  • Basketball

  • Bellator MMA competitors

  • Billiards

  • Blackjack

  • BMX

  • Boxing

  • Bowling

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Bridge

  • Broomball

  • Calf-roping

  • Canoeing

  • Cheerleading

  • Chess

  • Combat Sports

  • Cricket

  • Cross-country running

  • Cross-Country Rally, Motorcycling

  • Cross-Fit

  • Curling

  • Cycling

  • Dance

  • Dirt Bike Racing

  • Distance Running

  • Diving

  • Downhill Mountain Biking

  • Downhill Skiing

  • Dressage

  • Equestrian Sports

  • Extreme Sports

  • Fencing

  • Figure Skating

  • Fitness & Weight Training

  • Football

  • Gaming-E-Sports

  • Gliding

  • Golf

  • Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing

  • Gymnastics

  • Half marathon

  • Hiking

  • Hockey

  • Ice Climbing

  • Ice Figure Skating

  • In-line Skating

  • Irish Dance
  • Kickboxing

  • Krav Maga

  • Kung Fu

  • Lacrosse

  • Long Distance Biking

  • Marathon Running

  • Martial Arts

  • MMA

  • Modern Pentathlon

  • Motocross

  • Motorcycling

  • Mountain Biking

  • Mountaineering

  • Muay Thai

  • Obstacle racing

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Paragliding

  • Paralympic Sports

  • Pole vaulting

  • Polo

  • Pool

  • Powerlifting

  • Professional disc golf

  • Racquetball

  • Road Rally-Motorcycle Racing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Rodeo

  • Rugby

  • Running

  • Senior & Master Level Sports

  • Skiing

  • Show Jumping

  • Slot Car Racing

  • Soccer

  • Skeleton

  • Softball

  • Spear Fishing

  • Speedcubing, Speedsolving (Rubik’s cubes)

  • Sports Gliding for the Blind

  • Squash

  • Surfing

  • Swimming

  • Table Tennis

  • Taekwondo

  • Tai Chi

  • Team Roping

  • Tennis

  • Track & Field

  • Track - Racing Motorcycle

  • Triathlon

  • UFC MMA competitors

  • Ultramarathon

  • Volleyball

  • Water Polo

  • Water Skiing

  • Wheelchair Tennis

  • Wrestling

He has taught, coached and consulted with athletes, parents and coaches from the ages of six to 75. He's worked with beginners, junior-high, high school, college, amateur, elite, international, pro and Olympic athletes.

Founder And President Of The International Mental Game Coaching Association

Bill is also the Founder and President of The International Mental Game Coaching Association (IMGCA), the leading worldwide organization dedicated to advancing the research, development, professionalism and growth of mental game coaching. In addition to IMGCA activities such as conducting Mental Game Certification training, he is the major contributor to the IMGCA website, which has valuable mental game information including hundreds of informative success articles for kids, parents, athletes and coaches. You can visit the IMGCA at:

International Coaching Experience

The Israeli Davis Cup Team had Bill on staff for three years as their Sport Psychology Coach. They said, "Bill is a master mental game coach. He is one of the top peak performance coaches on the Pro Tennis Tour." When Bill worked closely with team #1 Harel Levy, Harel reached the finals of the Canadian Open, winning over $211,000 in one week. Bill started working with Harel when he was #278 in the world, and two years later, he achieved a world ranking of #30, and a seed at Wimbledon. In 2001 the team defeated Bulgaria to reach the final round in their section, the best result in Israeli Davis Cup history. They also had an important win over South Africa.

College Teaching Experience

For 15 years Bill was on the faculty of four colleges and universities across the U.S., as a teacher educator, master teacher, stress management specialist, human development specialist and physical education specialist. He was also a racquet sports specialist. He taught tennis, squash, badminton, and racquetball for general education classes and also created and taught coaching analysis pedagogy classes for students majoring in human performance and physical education. He "taught future teachers how to teach". Bill was a master teacher and mentor to future teachers and coaches. For years, at multiple colleges and universities, Bill was also a guest instructor in undergraduate and graduate classes in Philosophy of Sport, Sport Psychology and Performance Psychology.

Starting as an undergraduate, Bill made presentations to state and local professional associations such as the New York State Association For Health, Physical Education and Recreation (NYSAHPER) and United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). He holds a Lifetime Teaching Credential In Physical Education in California.

NCAA Division I Head Coach

As an NCAA Division I Head Coach at two west-coast universities (San Jose State and Cal-State Fullerton), Bill's teams competed against Stanford University, US-Berkeley, the University of Arizona, Arizona State, Pepperdine University, UC-Santa Barbara, UCLA, USC, San Diego State University, UC-San Diego, the University of Idaho, the University of Montana, Purdue University, Washington State University, Santa Clara University, The University of San Francisco and the University of Washington, and many other national and regional powerhouse collegiate teams. His Cal State Fullerton players were ranked as high as #3 in the Open division of Women's Doubles in southern California. He's coached two Junior College All-Americans. His San Jose State team reached a career high ranking of #8 in the NCAA Division I Volvo Tennis Northwest Region. Bill was Tournament Director of some of the largest NCTA tennis tournaments in northern California.

Mental Game Coaching Services Through William B. Cole Consultants

Bill Cole founded William B. Cole Consultants in 1997, a company that offers coaching, training and speaking services in a broad range of fields. In addition to his sports psychology and coaching experience, his multifaceted career has taken him into the worlds of psychotherapy, education, business, politics, journalism, writing, music, the media and entertainment.

Mr. Cole conducts mental game coaching and training for individuals, small groups, teams, associations and businesses. See the William B. Cole Consultants website for information on fees, programs, availability and online assessments.

The valuable 65-question assessment tool is also offered through this website, at no charge to assist you in determining what is getting in the way of your performing to your full potential in your sport. It will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a quick overview of where you stand with your mental game. Score yourself in this free online assessment.

Nine Ways Bill Helps Clients

  1. Executive Coaching

  2. Interview Coaching

  3. Sales Coaching

  4. Media & Presentation Coaching

  5. Stress Management Coaching

  6. Test Anxiety Peak Performance Coaching

  7. Sport Psychology Coaching

  8. Consulting

  9. Speaking & Training
Learn more at

Professional Memberships

  • The International Society of Sports Psychology

  • The International Mental Game Coaching Association (Founder and President)

  • The International Society of Mental Training and Excellence

  • The International Stress Management Association

  • The United States Professional Tennis Association

  • The American College of Sports Medicine

Members of Boards of Directors, Advisory Boards

  • Bill Cole has been a Chairman of The Board of Advisors and a Chairman of The Board of Directors and an Advisory Board Member across multiple associations, charities or companies, since the early 1980’s.

  • Chairman of The Board of Advisors, The International Mental Game Coaching Association.

  • Team Wilson Sporting Goods USPTA GOLD Tennis Advisory Staff, 2018-present.

  • Advisory Board, Virtual Golf Caddy, 2018.

  • Team Wilson Sporting Goods USPTA Tennis Advisory Staff, 2010-2017.

  • Chairman, The Board of Directors, Pave The Path Golf Charity.

  • Member, The Board of Advisors, One Putt Advisors.

  • Member, The Board of Advisors, The National Amateur Fall Baseball Federation (NAFBF),

  • Member, The Board of Advisors-Motiv Health, Inc.,

  • National Speakers Association Board of Directors, Northern California Chapter, 2000-2002.

  • Founder and Board Member, NCAA Division-I Tennis Sport Psychology Committee, 1985.

  • Founder and Vice President, Western New York Professional Tennis Teachers Association, 1981-1982.

Bill's Websites

Bill Cole, MS, MA, The Mental Game Coach

"Winning is a state of mind. Now go create that state of mind."
Bill Cole MS, MA
The Mental Game Coach

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William B. Cole Consultants

The International Mental Game Coaching Association

Bill Cole with members of Israeli Davis Cup Team

Bill Cole (center) pictured with Lior Mor (left) and Harel Levy (right), members of the Israeli Davis Cup Team. Bill was the Sport Psychology Coach for the team from 1999 to 2001. Harel had just defeated the legendary Michael Chang in the California Open to reach the finals. Harel went on to be ranked as high as #30 in the world, with wins over many of the biggest names in tennis: Pete Sampras, Marat Safin, Andy Roddick, Gustavo Kuerten and Tim Henman.

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