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Are You Winning the
Mental Game of Sports?

Master the Mental Game in
This Powerful Hands-on Workshop

Sport is indeed a mental arena. It has been postulated that at the elite levels of sport, just a slight difference in mind power alone between competitors often accounts for victory. In business, as in sports, consistent high-end performance, on demand, is what wins. Winners know how to win because they have a system for managing their mind and emotions. They have methods for focusing, dealing with set-backs, preparing mentally, visualizing success, handling mental warfare, thinking like a champion, and finding a way to win when there seems to be no way to win.

Based on Bill Cole's experiences as founder and president of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, where he trains and certifies Mental Game Coaches worldwide, this in-depth program takes you to the inner reaches of the mental game-where you learn how to ignite your inherent mental powers to raise the level of your game-on command. The secret to mastering your mental powers is knowing how to enter the zone, that magical world where great athletes play. You will directly experience numerous approaches to this mind mastery throughout this program that you can begin using immediately.

You will build hands-on tools, methods and insights from the mental game of sports, and then transfer that wisdom to the rest of your life. In learning the secrets of high-performance sports psychology, you'll improve your sport, your business effectiveness, and your life. Here are the powerful benefits you'll receive from this unique and practical program:

  • Numerous tools for entering the zone and creating sustainable peak performance-on command
  • Powerful approaches to championship thinking that give you mental toughness and focus

  • Approaches for strengthening your will to win and resolve to succeed in the face of set-backs
  • Methods for creating laser-like concentration that dissolve distractions
  • Methods for successfully creating a lifetime self-coaching system that keeps you on track m

The Mental Game Of Sports is for associations and organizations that want to use sports as a business tool, or that want to reward key employees, vendors and customers with an entertaining, yet powerfully-transforming experience they can use in both their professional and personal lives. The focus of the program can be to learn peak performance concepts and principles and/or to be a team-building experience.

Available as a breakfast, luncheon or dinner keynote speech, or as a half-day or full day interactive workshop, The Mental Game Of Sports is perfect for conventions, corporate outings, spouse programs, sports banquets, health and fitness clubs, country clubs, incentive programs, charity-benefit golf and tennis tournaments, or sales meetings. It can also be customized for recreational players and coaches who want to improve their mental approach to sports.

Your workshop leader is Bill Cole, MS, MA, America's Mental Game Coach™ -- Bill is a leading expert in the world of peak performance. He has been a professional coach for over 30 years, including big-time college athletics and major-league pro sports. He is the founder and president of the International Mental Game Coaching Association and the author of the book The Mental Game of Tennis, and over 400 articles.

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The Mental Game of Sports

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