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The Psychology Of Golf: Manage Mental Errors - Audiobook


The Psychology Of Golf: Manage Mental Errors

This audio is for anyone who golfs, whether they compete, or if they just play for fun. Psychologist Dr. Mike Drysdale and Mental game coach Bill Cole, MS, MA take a deep dive into a very specialized aspect of the mental game of golf—how to reduce your mental errors, and how to mentally recover from any type of error you make as you play.

The object of golf is not to "stop making errors". That's impossible. You will make mistakes during your round of golf. It's inevitable! The question is, how can you minimize them, and how can you deal with those mistakes?

What you will discover in this 40-minute audio:

  • How to handle mental errors in golf.

  • The role of awareness in golf.

  • Achieving the proper mindset for golf.

  • Attention in golf.

  • Accepting what happens and move on.

  • Vowing to resolve any technical issues after the round.

  • Examples of mental errors in golf.

  • How you can keep your mind in the here and now.

  • Ways you can pull your mind back into focus when it wanders.

  • How Jim Furyk, "Mr. 58", got into the zone that special day.

  • Don't "try" to avoid mistakes.

  • Using intentionality to play "on purpose".

  • Being aware of how you use appraisal.

  • The Threat vs. Challenge attitude and mindset.

  • Reframing a lousy lie to an interesting challenging lie.

  • The Past, Present and Future orientations.

  • The creative tension of a challenge.

  • Playing within yourself.

  • Devising contingency plans for emergencies.

  • Never trying to force the issue to "make up for" a bad hole.

  • Don't necessarily try to "figure out what happened" after you make a mistake.

  • Allowing mistakes to self-correct.

  • Stop "showing yourself what not to do".

  • Stop living in the past.

  • Mentally segmenting your performance.

  • Deepening your rituals.

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The Speakers

About Mike Drysdale, Ph.D.

Mike Drysdale, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of psychology at Vincennes University in Indiana, USA. He teaches a variety of courses in the Psychology Department and also created and teaches an undergraduate course entitled Mental Aspects of Sport Performance. He also is a mental game coach with athletes at the university and nationally, helping them from a psychological or mental perspective on their learning and performance. He is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

Mike holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, a master of science degree in psychology, and a Ph.D. in experimental and applied psychological sciences from Utah State University.

Mike has an outstanding athletic background and participated in sport from an early age. He excelled in basketball and golf. He was involved in youth soccer from the ages of 9-11 and in high school he competed in basketball at the junior varsity and varsity levels and golf at the varsity level. In golf in his junior year his team won the state championship. He placed third individually. In his senior year he was the conference player of the year.

To contact Dr. Mike Drysdale:

About Bill Cole

Bill Cole, MS, MA is one of the most prominent, prolific and successful performance psychology consultants working today. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, he maintains a global consultancy, traveling the world advising top performers. He has been mental game coach or consultant to Olympic athletes who have won Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. He's coached thousands of recreational, junior high, high school, college, professional, world champion and world record-holding athletes.

Bill has been the mental game coach or sports psychology consultant with athletes or coaches of 19 world and national teams, nine international and Olympic teams, 32 professional sports teams, associations or leagues, and of athletes who have won 36 world and national championships. He has been the mental trainer for thousands of athletes in over 100 sports, at all ages and skill levels.

He was the first person in the world to earn an undergraduate degree in sports psychology, and is the Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, which trains and certifies mental game coaches worldwide.

Psychology of Golf Audiobook

Mike Drysdale
Mike Drysdale, Ph.D.

Bill Cole, MS, MA
Bill Cole, MS, MA
The Mental Game Coach


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