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The Secret to Losing and Controlling Your Weight
And Sticking To Your Fitness Program

Are you losing weight and controlling your weight like you want? Are you sticking to your fitness program? The secret is not about choosing the perfect diet, perfect weight control plan, or perfect fitness regimen. It's about being conscious about the process, and about being intentional every step of the way.

Here are four key realities about embarking on a program to improve your fitness, health and weight control:

  1. If you are NOT all that unhappy with how your body looks and with your health condition, you won't be properly motivated to make any substantive health and fitness changes.

  2. If you want a casual, easy-going weight control and fitness program, you will most likely make few noticeable changes or continually backslide.

  3. If you want to stay in your normal comfort zone of eating, fitness and health choices, why embark on a program? You'll just be fooling yourself.

  4. If you continue the self-delusional idea that what you are doing now is OK, and that "everything will somehow work out", you are not ready to start a weight control and fitness program.

Bill Cole can help you create a "mental strength" training program to pump up your fitness/health/diet program. You don't need to be unhappy and erratic with your weight and fitness. Get going today.

To learn more about some of the ideas and techniques in a mental strength fitness & diet program, read this Mental Success Strategies article: 10 Mental Toughness Strategies To Help You Reach Your Fitness, Weight and Health Goals.

Additional articles on The Mental Game of Weight Control and The Mental Game of Fitness are available on the International Mental Game Coaching Association website.

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Bill Cole, MS, MA, is an internationally recognized expert on peak performance, coaching and the mental game. He has coached at the highest levels of the Olympics, major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. His extensive background includes a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Sport Psychology and post-graduate training in various fields. Learn more about Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach.

Exercise and Fitness Sports Psychology Coaching

Exercise and Fitness Sports Psychology Coaching

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Sports Psychology Coaching

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