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"Bill Cole is a leading Olympic sports psychologist."

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in performance psychology."
USA Today

"Bill Cole is a world-leading authority on sports psychology."
New Idea Magazine, Coleman-Rayner, LLC

"Performance psychology consultant Bill Cole has counseled many of the world's top athletes and knows how to combat stress and anxiety."
Forbes Magazine

"Bill Cole is a leading sports psychology expert."
Sky News, England

"Bill Cole is one of the world’s leading sports psychologists who has coached teams and individuals in over 85 sports in multiple countries, including US National dirt track champion Chris Carr."
MCN Sport, the leading motorcycle racing magazine

"Bill Cole is a nationally recognized expert on the mindset of athletes and successful nonathletes."
In the book Growing Up Gronk: A Family's Story of Raising Champions, by author Jeff Schober

"Bill Cole is the guru in sports psychology."
Shine Corporation, Australia

"Bill Cole is a leading performance psychology expert."
Cronkite News

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in the field of sports psychology."

"Bill Cole is a renowned performance psychology expert."
Viking Sports Magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-class sports psychology consultant."

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on peak performance, mental toughness and coaching."

"Bill Cole is a world-class performance psychology expert."
FNF Coaches magazine

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is one of today’s most prominent, prolific and successful performance psychology consultants."
The Polo Channel

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist."
The Boston Herald

"Bill Cole is a leading author on sports psychology."
Yahoo! Sports

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist and 'mental game coach' who helps athletes cope with the demands of intense competition."
CNET Magazine

"Bill Cole is a leading sports psychology expert and mental health coach to Olympic and professional athletes all over the world."
The Kansas City Star

"Bill Cole, MA, MS, is a renowned performance psychology expert and mental game coach."
Complex Magazine, Pigeons And Planes

"Bill Cole is an authority on sports psychology, peak performance and mental toughness."
Varsity Views Magazine

"Bill Cole has been a leader in the field of sports psychology for more than 30 years."
The Denver Post

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."
Emma Vickers

"Bill Cole is one of the leading performance psychology experts in the USA."
Blitz Magazine, Australasia's #1 Martial Arts magazine

"Bill Cole is an expert in the psychology of sport."
Metro International Magazine

"Bill Cole is a mind guru...he is among the elite mental game peak performance experts in this country."
American Society of Anesthesiologists

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on sports psychology, peak performance, mental toughness and coaching."
The Polo Channel

"Veteran MMA coach Bill Cole is a trusted source of advice for fighters who are looking to alleviate overwhelming emotions before and during a fight."
August Constance

"Bill Cole, President and Founder of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, says the key to achievement is enthusiasm for your goals. Cole coaches both Olympic and major-league athletes, and teaches his disciplinary techniques to corporate America."

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist."

"Bill Cole is an Olympic sport psychologist."
Stab Magazine

"Bill Cole helps CEOs and celebrities balance hectic schedules."
Albany Times-Union

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned sports psychologist."
Performance Menu Magazine

"Bill Cole is an internationally recognized mind excellence coach."
Grand Central magazine

"Bill Cole, a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole is one of the world's leading mental game coaches."

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is an internationally-acclaimed mental wellness and performance psychology speaker, coach, business consultant, executive coach and media personality."

"Bill Cole is a leading performance psychology expert."

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole, a renowned consultant in psychology."

"Confidence comes from what you’ve already done well,” says Bill Cole, a sports psychologist who has worked with thousands of clients over the past 30 years including Olympic athletes, college athletes and even professional fighters. 'There is no doubt in a successful athlete’s mind. They say, ‘My training has been great. My coaching has been great. I expect to succeed.’ There is an assumption of success."
Game Plan Magazine

"Sports psychologist Bill Cole describes the prerequisite to peak performance as 'a special mental and emotional interior climate conducive to top levels of performance' called the "flow state. It is the place where the performer is deeply involved with a challenging task and becomes lost in the process and immune to stress and anxiety."
Positively Successful Magazine

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is a world-wide authority in performance psychology."
FNF Coaches magazine

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports therapist from the west coast."
Grand Central magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

People who struggle are forcing themselves," Bill Cole explains. "Those who succeed come at a project from an inner joy and excitement. Create inspiring goals, and they will pull you toward them, without you having to push." Lesser goals, he continues, won't motivate you. "But if you shoot for the stars and miss, at least you'll hit the moon."

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"a personal and professional development expert"
Central Coast Claims Association

"an expert in the psychology of achievement and success"
Linear Technology Corporation

"Bill Cole is a business-golf authority in peak performance, especially in selling and in golf."
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

"Bill Cole is an authority on sports psychology. He is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country."
See complete testimonial below.
Stanford University Baseball Team

"Bill Cole is a master mental game coach. He is one of the top peak performance coaches on the Pro Tennis Tour."
See complete testimonial below.
Israeli Davis Cup Team

"A world-renowned peak performance coach."
British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

"Bill Cole is an internationally respected sports psychologist and mental game coach."
Coaching Edge Magazine, England

"Bill Cole is a world-class sports psychologist."
Game Changer Magazine

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on sports psychology and mental coaching."
Sports on Earth Magazine

"His mental game techniques have helped me to become a better motorcycle rider. I simply do not have the words to express my gratitude to Bill for his guidance, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any athlete who is looking for that performance edge."
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Chris Carr
World-Record Holder
World Champion
National Champion
Professional Motorcycle Racer

"When I began work on my film The High, I called Bill [to work as] Consulting Producer...he was a vital part of the film, and a pleasure to work with. If you have a TV or film project, and you need a subject matter expert who can also produce, Bill is your man."
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Barry Walton, Director, Producer, Editor
Hollywood, California

"Bill has been the best listener and educator that I have ever met! ... Bill is a great expert in the field of mental game coaching and I am honoured to work with him."
See complete testimonial below.
PhDr. Michal Kopcan
Level II IMGCA Certified Mental Game Coach

"Working with mental game coach Bill Cole was a life-changing experience. His mental training program helped me win world championships."
See complete testimonial below.
Miriam Nakamoto
Five-time World Kickboxing Champion

"Coach Bill really learns about your sport to be the best coach he can be...[he] helped teach me how to stay in control of my emotions and my body."
See complete testimonial below.
Jessica Lucero
Team USA Weightlifting Member
USA World Team Member
Four-Time United States National Champion
Multiple American Record Holder
Jessica is likely the top 58KG athlete in American history. She has the distinction of competing in the highest weight class (58KG) to ever have a double bodyweight clean & jerk successfully made for an American woman.

"Bill helped our daughter improve her mental approach to badminton, and we are very grateful to Bill for all his assistance and guidance."
See complete testimonial below.
Hua Zhang
Mother of #1-ranked badminton player in the United States

"His expertise and experience is inimitable, and is irreplaceably valuable to my athletic career."
See complete testimonial below.
Aimee Anaya
United States National Champion Olympic Weight Lifting

"Bill Cole is a fantastic mental trainer, teacher, speaker and coach. I have heard sports psychologists speak about the mental approach before, but I have never seen someone present these concepts and techniques in such accessible, insightful, practical and enjoyable ways as Bill is able to do."
See complete testimonial below.
Lisa Milgram
Co-Head Coach
Stanford University Men's And Women's Fencing Teams
Stanford University Fencing Camp

"Bill Cole is a major thought leader in sport psychology, and a mental toughness master...Bill Cole is a world-class mental game coach who gets world-class results."
See complete testimonial.
Rodney King - Performance Enhancement Coach
Johannesburg, South Africa
Voted one of the top 20 martial artists in the world by Black Belt Magazine

"I can't thank Bill enough for all his help. Bill is an indispensable part of my training arsenal."
See complete testimonial.
Jesse Gillespie
Professional MMA Fighter
Winner of the WCSC California State MMA Professional Middleweight Title

"... training program with Bill Cole has been the best teacher-student experience I've ever had. Bill is always full of energy, in good humor and above all a repository of important, vital information."
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Bc. Jan Moravec, DiS.
The Czech Republic

"Bill is a very talented and deeply-knowledgeable mental game coach. His ability to help our players stay motivated, focused and on-track is just excellent. Bill really takes the time to understand people, to listen and to figure out what each person needs to achieve and excel. He has crafted a comprehensive mental game peak performance program for us, as a mental game advisor to individual players and team mental game coach for team practice sessions. He is a master mental game coach. He is one of the top peak performance coaches on the Pro Tennis Tour. More players on the pro tour could use his help."

Israeli Davis Cup Team

"Bill Cole has demonstrated why he is considered an authority in the area of sport psychology and one of the top peak performance coaches in the country. His insights, powerful interventions, sensitive facilitation, including his use of various written communications have made its impact. His teachings have helped us realize the highest levels of performance objectives in collegiate competition. We thank him for his time and energy as we work toward our goal of reaching the College World Series and the ultimate quest of winning a National Championship. We recommend his talents and skills as a speaker, consultant or coach to anyone or any organization seeking a better understanding of the mental game and the realization of peak performance and its strategies."
Stanford University Baseball Team

"Here's a mental toughness course with the right motives. Cole can repair your attitude."
Jody Meacham, Venture Editor
San Jose Mercury News

"This workshop was fun, informative and interesting and Coach Bill used visual and interactive methods to teach us how to stay in the present. He had attention grabbing strategies and facts that helped a lot. His book The Mental Game of Sports has tactics and suggestions that are very helpful that will help me in the future."
Winston Tsai
Pleasanton, CA
Nationally ranked in badminton

"For the past 10 years I have been in the motorcycle training business, educating more than 6,000 riders. In addition to my training school I have also been actively engaged in motorcycle road racing and long distance motorcycle competitions. I was extremely fortunate to get involved with Bill Cole, and his IMGCA certification training program. Bill's program has helped me immensely in all facets of my life. His extensive business experience was invaluable in helping me grow my business and secure more sponsorships for my motorcycle adventures. His mental game techniques have helped me to become a better motorcycle rider. I have discovered that I am much more prepared mentally, which translates to a better performance on the track. Along with his guidance I have become a better educator myself. I simply do not have the words to express my gratitude to Bill for his guidance, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any athlete who is looking for that performance edge."

Chris Carr
Chris Carr put Buell Motorcycles in the world record book by riding from Key West, Florida to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 8 days, and in 2008 the same itinerary in 106 hours. He is the author of the book "Street Riding Secrets". In 2010 Harley Davidson USA asked Chris to be the first person to ride the brand new XR1200X, in the 7,000 mile Hoka Hey Challenge motorcycle rally, which started in Key West, Florida and finished in Homer, Alaska.

Chris Carr with owner of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Chris Carr, left, with the owner of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Bill Davidson, far right.

Chris Carr on motorcycle
Chris Carr leans into a curve in competition. Chris took sixth place at Daytona International Speedway in March 2010.

"I first met Bill Cole when I was the field producer for The Animal Planet TV series "Weird, True & Freaky" (42 episodes), and associate producer (8 episodes) and I needed a subject matter expert for on-air commentary and analysis. Bill was amazing. He had a huge depth of knowledge in sports psychology and could easily explain very complex material in understandable ways the viewer could instantly "get". Bill can really tell a story and be engaging. We stayed in touch, and when I began work on my film The High, I called Bill and we engaged again, this time with him being Consulting Producer. Bill has been a big supporter, and he has lent his expertise to the project as a producer by providing ideas for the story line, subjects to cover, being a sounding board, suggesting questions to ask the runners, etc. In short, he was a vital part of the film, and a pleasure to work with. If you have a TV or film project, and you need a subject matter expert who can also produce, Bill is your man."
Barry Walton, Director, Producer, Editor
Hollywood, California

Director, producer, editor Barry Walton has been working for over 15 years in a variety of film, commercial & television projects. In 1999, Barry started working in Los Angeles in film and commercials. Moving to San Francisco in 2006, he started working for a non-fiction television production company and began producing shows for National Geographic, Animal Planet, and other Discovery Network subsidiaries. In 2008 he started his first project called Profiling HURT about an ultra runner journey to the HURT 100 race in Hawaii. The project went on to receive the Honolulu Accolade Award from the Honolulu Film Awards in 2011. Inspired by the experience, in 2010 Barry began the research for The High and in 2011 went into production on the project. Today Barry continues to work in the field professionally as a sports producer and editor for the NBA's Detroit Pistons. He also maintains his interest in documentary films through BTV Productions, which he started in 2006.

Barry Walton, director, producer and editor of The High

Barry Walton on IMDB:

"As a high level soccer player and currently a Brazilian jiu jitsu trainer, I was always interested in the mental aspects of sportsman preparation. In my soccer career, there was almost no time devoted to this area. I personally felt the necessity to be educated in this area as I regard the mental game as important as physical preparation. I was looking for the appropriate online training that would fulfill my requirements. Finally I decided to participate in the course provided by IMGCA. I contacted Mr. Bill Cole just for a short chat to check the details of the course. Since the beginning he was very open and helpful. After 20 minutes chat, I decided to take part in the Level I certification programme. Every single class with Bill was simply excellent. He has provided me plenty of useful information that I have immediately applied in my coaching practice. As a mental game coach beginner, I appreciated the support and motivation that he always gave me. After successful completion of Level I, I decided to participate in the Level II certification programme. Bill was very flexible in his busy schedule and we mutually agreed on the time schedule for our teleclasses. Almost all the stuff I have learned in the course has been applied in my own coaching sessions.

Bill has been the best listener and educator that I have ever met! After the successful completion of Level II, I was able to start my own business in the area of mental game coaching. The decision to participate in the courses provided by IMGCA and to work with Bill was one of the best decisions I have made in the last couple of years. Bill is a great expert in the field of mental game coaching and I am honoured to work with him. Within 2016, I will further take part in Level III to become the master mental game coach and I know that Bill will be here to fully support me in this journey."
PhDr. Michal Kopcan
Level II IMGCA Certified Mental Game Coach

"Working with mental game coach Bill Cole was a life-changing experience. Bill helped me tremendously with my mental game. Fighting might be one of the ultimate mental sports. Bill showed me how to access my mental toughness in training and in competition. His mental game coaching system allowed me to access my greatness from within, unleashing incredible powers of focus and athleticism. His mental training program helped me win world championships.

Bill helped me understand myself more as a person and an athlete, which helped me navigate the stressful training period before my world championship fight. He taught me the finer points of the zone, and how to enter it, and stay in it. He is exceptionally calm and straightforward. He was very patient in understanding what I go through before and during a fight, and he came up with mental strategies to deal with everything I needed.

He was excellent at grounding and focusing the chaos that can come into my mind. I especially found him helpful in giving me mental techniques which helped to keep my mind focused. It was great to have something solid, positive and productive to focus on. As a very physical person I tend to function and perform better when I have asks to set my energy into, especially my nervous energy. I found that the techniques he gave me were perfect for coping with the pre-competition jitters. They helped me gain a focused rational mind more easily rather than riding the wave of my emotions and nerves as I used to do. This in turn set the stage for the experience of "The Zone." And I know that each and everyone of us, if we could, would live in The Zone. It is the perfect place to be. You feel no self-doubt. You experience feelings of perfect balance and complete power, effortlessly. You are aware of everything yet you're fixated on nothing. It is a long list of dichotomies.

Bill was also very good at reminding me about mental strategies and approaches I already knew. This especially resonated with me because I believe we all have innate powers of strength, focus and wisdom, which we sometimes forget, that need to be woken up. Bill certainly helped me to waken my "sleeping giant." I want to thank Bill so much for all his expert mental game assistance! It is wonderful to have him as part of Team Miriam ."

Miriam Nakamoto, five-time world kickboxing champion. She became the first U.S. woman in history to hold the WBC Muay Thai World title.

World kickboxing champion Miriam Nakamoto
Five-time World Kickboxing Champion Miriam Nakamoto, after winning the WBC World Kickboxing Championship, in China, becoming the first U.S. woman to hold the WBC Muay Thai World title, and her Mental Game Coach, Bill Cole, MS, MA.

WBC World Kickboxing Championship belt worn by champion Miriam Nakamoto
The WBC World Kickboxing Championship belt Miriam won in her title fight in China.

Lucas Valente Wins The SJJIF World Championship

Lucas Valente

World Champion Lucas Valente

Lucas Valente won the World Championship at the 2019 Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF) in the Black Belt Adult 18 Light Division.

"After the very first session with Coach Bill Cole I wasn't sure if he was a mental coach or a magician who got inside my mind. The reason why is because he would understand, in the most genuine way possible, everything that I was saying and feeling and he gave me specific mental exercises that simply made me feel the way I needed to feel.

I always had the best people by my side, and when Coach Bill came into my training and my life things got even greater! He taught me how to access and control my feelings at the right times and at the right moments.

I grew up in the Jiu Jitsu world so hard work and dedication were always an obligation to me, but the more professional things were getting to me, the more I noticed that the mental part was a huge part in the sport as well. With Coach Bill's coaching and teachings I'm able to have laser focus, stay extremely cool under pressure on the biggest Jiu Jitsu stages in the world, collecting numerous titles.

Even more important for me than the mental strategies, mental preparation and day by day mental techniques that he teaches me is his teaching on how to "get in the zone on purpose", a nearly magical place where all you feel is positive and confident feelings.

Your mind doesn't get stuck on any thought, and both your mind and your body flow in perfect connection. You're able to focus only on what matters, and once you are there you feel unstoppable!

I'm forever grateful for everything Coach Bill taught me, what he teaches me, and what he will still teach me. He is always there when I need him."

Lucas Valente Lucas Valente gear
Lucas Valente Lucas fights with the Bill Cole logo on his shorts: TMG-The Mental Game

Lucas Valente on Instagram
Lucas Valente on Facebook
Gracie Barra Team Members

Career Highlights For Lucas Valente

1st Place SJJIF World Champion (2019)
1st Place IBJJF American Nationals (2018)
2017 top 10 Pound for pound Brown Belt in the World (IBJJF)
2015 number 1 lightweight nogi IBJJF world ranking
2015 Brown Belt of the year by
3-time Worlds medalist
Pan American Nogi Champion
Brazilian Nationals Champion
American Nationals Champion
21X IBJJF International Open Champion
3rd place nogi Worlds
Nogi Pan Ams runner up
Grand Prix Grappling Pro Heavyweight absolute champion
Grand Prix Grappling Pro Heavy weight champion
Southeast Brazilian Nationals Champion
F2W Pro champion
Rio De Janeiro State champion
Minas Gerais State Champion
Texas State Champion
3rd place Brazilian Nationals
EBI 13 ( UFC event) Lightweight Semi finalist
ONNIT Invitational 5 super fight Winner
ONNIT Invitational 3 fastest submission winner
Europa Super Show Absolute Champion
Naga expert division champion
IBJJF certified referee

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"Coach Bill really learns about your sport to be the best coach he can be. He's calm, patient and really makes you feel safe. I love the breathing techniques and the steps he teaches to stay aware in the moment. It's easy to not realize you're anxious or nervous if you aren't paying attention to your body. Coach Bill helped teach me how to stay in control of my emotions and my body. I'm excited about spending more time in mental training with Coach Bill."
Jessica Lucero

Team USA Weightlifting Member
USA World Team Member
Four-Time United States National Champion
Multiple American Record Holder
Jessica is likely the top 58KG athlete in
American history. She has the distinction
of competing in the highest weight class (58KG) to
ever have a double bodyweight clean & jerk
successfully made for an American woman.

"I was already very successful in junior tennis. I have been ranked #1 in the 14's and 16's in singles and doubles in Northern California, and top twenty in the nation. I won the San Diego Boys 14's National Open Singles and Doubles and took third place in the Boys 16's Copper Bowl Singles. I wanted to not only be able to maintain the rankings I had achieved to date, but to continue to steadily improve. The pressure is even greater once you are a top-ranked player, and I wanted to know how to handle that pressure better.

We researched the top sports psychologists and mental training coaches and discovered that Bill Cole had been the mental game coach to professional players who have had wins over Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, Marat Safin, Michael Chang and world #4, Tim Henman. Bill also had been an NCAA Division I College Head Coach in tennis, the Sports Psychology Coach for the Israeli Davis Cup Team, and had coached in the US and Europe on the ATP Tour.

I took his on-line mental game assessment and communicated with him, and very quickly our family hired Bill. Ever since, he has been helping us navigate the competitive world of junior tennis at the sectional and national levels.

In just our first mental training session, I learned a huge amount about the mental game and what I needed to do to perform to my top abilities in competition. Since then, Bill has been an integral part of our tennis training team. My Mom and Dad and I work with him at his office, on the phone, at tournaments and on the lesson court. Bill taught me about the psychology of match preparation, concentration, how to really relax in close matches (even when it seemed impossible to do so), to stay focused, to analyze and solve problems on the court, mental toughness, confidence and my ability to get into the zone.

Bill's techniques in the mental game are extremely powerful and easy to learn. These techniques take effect immediately. I was able to use all the techniques right away, and my game improved a lot. I have been using the techniques in matches and the results have shown already. I was able to stay calm, focused, and relaxed under pressure. Bill has helped my tennis game a lot through mental game coaching.

If you suspect that improving your mental approach to your tennis is the missing link in your game, you are probably right. Bill is a specialist in the mental part of tennis, in addition to having been a very successful teaching pro, and top competitor himself. His insights and knowledge about the upper levels of competitive tennis are amazing. The mental training system he taught me for reaching my inner excellence continues to be very powerful. I use what he teaches me every day, in practices, and in matches. If you want to take your game to the next level, I strongly suggest you call Bill."

Jaya Billa
Sacramento, California

#1 in Boys 14's and 16's singles in Northern California
#1 in Boys 14's and 16's doubles in Northern California
#20 in Boys 14's National singles
#80 in Boys 16's National singles

Won San Diego Boys 14's National Open Singles
3rd place in Boys 16's Copper Bowl Singles
5th place in Boys 16's Sectional 2008 Singles

Boys 16's Doubles Sectionals 2008, 2009
Long Beach 14's National Open Doubles
Boys 16's National Open Doubles Finalist 2009
Boys 16's National Open Doubles 4th place 2009

Jaya Billa, #1 ranked junior tennis player in Northern California
Jaya Billa
#1-ranked Junior Tennis Player, Northern California
Sacramento, California

"I had a great day with Bill. I think it will really help me stay focused in matches. I took his mental game assessment, and there are definitely some areas I wanted to work on, and improve on. I think his method of centering will really help me stay focused during matches. So thank you so much! I had a fantastic time!"

Cami Runnalls
Coto De Caza, California

Cami Runnals, tennis player
Cami Runnalls was a ranked junior in Northern California and won the Northern California doubles tennis sectionals in High School. She won the 4.5 United States Tennis Association sectionals in southern California and now competes at the 5.0 and 5.5 level in women's doubles.

"I just wanted to thank Bill for improving my mental game. I learned a lot of techniques I've never known before. My favorite technique was 'See The Blue'. I realized that when I used that technique my serves stopped hitting the net. Bill also taught me the Roger Federer 'Keep Your Head Still' technique. That helped me connect with the ball dead center more. Before I started working with Bill I would always pull my head up too early on shots, and I was really surprised to learn how long you could keep your head still before the opponent's ball came back to you. I also got a lot out of the technique called Rise-Peak-Fall. I never noticed that most of my balls that I hit were on the peak-I always thought I was hitting balls on the rise, but this drill taught me to watch the ball a lot better, and to be aware if I'm hitting on the rise, peak or fall. I learned a lot from Bill, and I'm glad I was able to receive coaching from him."

Ashvin Soin
Saratoga, California

Ashvin Soin, winner of California state tennis championships
Ashvin Soin was a ranked junior in Northern California, won three California State Tennis Championships in the Gar Glenny Cup and played at the national level as a junior and adult. He now competes at the 5.0 in Open levels in singles and doubles.

"I asked mental coach Bill Cole to come to our Stanford University Fencing Camp to introduce our young fencers to the world of sports psychology. Anyone who has ever fenced knows how mental our sport is, so I was glad to have someone with Bill's level of expertise speak to us. He conducted a terrific program entitled "The Mental Game Of Fencing".

The Stanford Fencing Camp is sponsored by the Stanford University Varsity Fencing Team. Over many years our camp has introduced many youngsters to the Olympic sport of fencing. This year we had a group of Korean high school age fencers and some U. S. fencers attending. Here are a few comments they made about his program:

'Bill kept my attention the entire time, and it completely changed the way I will fence now.'
Nathan Milgram
Nationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Stanford, CA

'Your workshop on sports psychology was very meaningful to me. It changed my understanding of sports. It was great.'
Greg Lee
Internationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Tacoma, Washington

'I learned practical mental strategies for improving my fencing. I will be able to perform better by using breathing and zone skills when I compete. I really liked it, and enjoyed how Bill taught the program.'
Jong Woo Kang
Internationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Seoul, Korea

I strongly agree with these young fencers. Bill has a unique ability to quickly connect with young athletes and teach mental training strategies that are relevant and that really make an impact on them. He told instructional stories that hit home, and gave practical mental tips that they could understand and use right away.

Bill taught our fencers about the zone, mental readiness, concentration, stress control, relaxation, breath control, rituals, mental toughness and how to become adept at self-regulation and self-coaching. I loved watching the kids soak it all up. Bill gave them a series of lecture-demonstration modules, taking questions as he went, and involving them with mental exercises, and then we got them in their fencing gear and took them through actual exercises that made the material come alive, as Bill coached them from a mental standpoint.

Our fencers loved learning about the mental game of fencing from Bill! He delivered exactly what I was hoping for. The fencers went away with a new appreciation of the world of mental training and are excited and motivated to continue exploring the mental dimension of our sport.

Bill Cole is a fantastic mental trainer, teacher, speaker and coach. I have heard sports psychologists speak about the mental approach before, but I have never seen someone present these concepts and techniques in such accessible, insightful, practical and enjoyable ways as Bill is able to do.

If you run a sports camp, sports school or sports academy you really need to have Bill come in and present this program to your athletes. It's awesome, and your athletes will thank you.
Lisa Milgram
Co-Head Coach
Stanford University Men's And Women's Fencing Teams
Stanford University Fencing Camp

"Bill coached my 11 year-old son through springboard diving, addressing his fears as well as competition anxiety. His strategies / ideas / insights were very specific instead of esoteric. They were things that my son could directly apply as opposed to just shifting his thinking based on a different perspective. They discussed breathing techniques, the use of mantras / humming songs / counting / grading system / trying to NOT do a dive perfectly. They also discussed setting a time frame for being disappointed with performance, and explored WHY my son was competing, and replacing negative reasons for positive ones.

There was immediate progress with Bill's suggestions, and a significant shift in performance at competition - he started having fun again and managed the stress in a more productive way without being hard on himself.

I am so thankful that my son found Bill. Beforehand he was incredibly stressed which was leading to choking, and he was competing for the wrong reasons, and had stopped having fun with his sport. Bill has changed his perspective on his sport, why he does it, he has given him tools to use to navigate pressure and fear, and most importantly, he has brought the fun back.

Bill is definitely an expert in this field! He knows his sports and gives very specific strategies to apply based on the issues at hand that relate directly to that sport. He tailors his sessions to what the person needs to work on. He also shifts the perspective on big picture ideas that result in fundamental behavior changes, such as why does someone compete. Bill is also very organized and always had great supplemental information to go along with the sessions.

My son has had sessions with a couple other sport psychology coaches, and the ideas presented by them tended to be all big ideas across any sport, which are not always as easily grasped by a kid in a way that then they can extrapolate strategies from on their own. Bill provided very specific strategies based on the issues at hand, and offered numerous ones so that my son had an arsenal to draw from when he needed them.

The supplemental written information Bill provided us was incredibly helpful! Especially as a parent, it gave me a guide to positively encourage my son and to talk him through some of the things he discussed with Bill, even if I was not present at their sessions. There is a lot of information presented, and the supplements were great to have beforehand to prepare, and after the fact to refer back to and refresh the material that was covered. Even if my son is not actively having sessions with Bill, I am sure that we will refer back to the materials he provided us so I can help guide him on a daily basis."
Page von Roenn
Austin, Texas

"Each time you present the Concentration Clinic, I learn an abundance of information. The information you gave us will help tremendously! The feedback has been outstanding!"
Steve Smith, Director, Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"Bill has found a way to help the 'performance-challenged'!! He knows how to reach the left-brainers with exercises and techniques that get us into 'the zone' quickly and help us stay there."
Melinda Chen, President
Bay Valley Technologies
Saratoga, CA


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Dancers and parents from the world-famous Butler-Fearon-O'Connor School of Irish Dance
CSU-Fullerton Men's Golf Team
CSU-Fullerton Women's Volleyball Team
CSU-Long Beach Department of Psychology
Dane Petchul Productions of Irvine
de Clifford International Ltd.
Erie Community College
Expressions of Excellence
IBM Sports Club
Israeli Davis Cup Team
Life Coaching
Lifeline Presentations
The Mance Group
New York State Association For HPER
Dr. John Piscopo
Personal and Professional Coaches Association
Raveneaux Country Club of Houston
The San Francisco Group
San Jose City College
San Jose Leadership Council
San Jose State University
San Jose State Women's Golf team
Saratoga-Cupertino Developmental Travel Baseball Team
Saratoga High School Baseball Team
Self-Leadership Seminars
Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club
Robert Shepardson and Associates
Silicon Valley Health and Wellness Institute
Stanford University Baseball Team
Stanford University Fencing Camp
State University of New York
Joe Thiel World Wide Golf Schools
Tyler College
Too Hot To Handle®
U.S. Sports Development, Inc.
Erik Weihenmayer
Western Career College
WFDJ Consulting
Sarah Will
The Wright Choice
Pat Yates Associates
Yoriwa, Inc.

We have provided international coaching and consultation services for hundreds of individuals to help them become peak performers in their chosen fields. Some of these include:

Young athletes
College athletes
Professional athletes
Parents of athletes
School administrators
Media professionals

Bill has provided sports psychology coaching and consulting in over 65 sports.

Acrobatic Skydiving
Alpine Skiing
Artistic Roller Skating
Dirt Bike Racing
Distance Running
Downhill Skiing
Equestrian Sports
Extreme Sports
Fitness & Weight Training
Ice Climbing

Ice Figure Skating
Long Distance Biking
Marathon Running
Martial Arts
Modern Pentathlon
Mountain Biking
Olympic Weightlifting
Rock Climbing
Slot Car Racing
Sports Guiding For The Blind
Table Tennis
Track And Field
Water Polo
Water Skiing

He has taught, coached and consulted with athletes from the ages of 6 to 75. He's worked with beginners, junior-high, high school, college, amateur, elite and international pro athletes.

IMGCA Certification Testimonials

Through the International Mental Game Coaching Association (IMGCA), Bill Cole conducts courses of study for certifying Mental Game Practitioners at various levels. You can learn more about these certification courses at the IMGCA website. The following testimonials are related to those courses.

"In my 20 years as a volleyball coach I've attended numerous seminars and clinics through which I have gained valuable coaching techniques and strategies. However, the past five months of guidance and mentoring from IMGCA President Bill Cole have helped me gain knowledge and expertise beyond my expectations. Having gone through the IMGCA Mental Game Coaching Certification program during my coaching season, I was able to apply the mental strategies and techniques he suggested and immediately see the effects and positive results of his suggestions. Bill is professional, personable and always available for guidance and his encouragement to assess what I was currently doing from a new perspective gave me the support and courage I needed to try new ideas. I would strongly recommend the International Mental Game Coaching certification program to anyone who is seriously interested in developing new and successful mental coaching strategies. It certainly made a positive and immediate impact on my volleyball program and I'm eager to share it with others.."

Suzanne Marble
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Head Volleyball Coach
La Conner High, Washington
Suzanne Marble
Suzanne Marble's volleyball teams have won six state and academic championships, 13 league championships, nine district championships, with six top-ten state tournament finishes. She has been named Northwest A/B League Coach Of The Year a record 11 times, State Coach Of The Year three times, and All State Team Coach three times. Suzanne has taken her teams to an incredible 18 consecutive State Tournament appearances.

"I first heard about the excellent Bill Cole know-how from my coach Rodney King, so it was natural for me to check him out right away. Well, what can I say after JUST a couple of months of intensive coaching and the IMGCA education process? Simply brilliant stuff and outstanding overall approach!!! I immediately have been able to apply all the material in action, during special operations (police, military) training camps, and while coaching professional elite soccer players, and other world-class athletes. Moreover, the IMGCA message is getting spread here in Slovakia like wild fire, and now even pro elite coaches are starting to pay attention (based on awesome results which they see first hand in action every day). I am starting to work with these coaches as well. I once again highly recommend you contact Bill Cole and see first hand about his fantastic know how. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made. You can give a gift to yourself to reach your full potential! Go for it."

Ing. Radek Sefcik
Level III IMGCA Certified Mental Game Master Coach
Professional Special Operations Police / Military Coach
BJJ Brown Belt And Elite PCWA Coach

Radek Sefcik, IMGCA Certified Mental Game Master Coach

"My IMGCA mental game certification training program has taught me, among many other lessons, that everything I do and say as a coach and teacher influences the behavior of the young athletes I have been given the privilege to work with. With Bill Cole's expert guidance I have become a more effective leader, communicator and coach/teacher-his mentorship has proven to be invaluable in my quest to develop confidence, focus and mental discipline in the young football players I work with. And in developing these mental skills the players have improved their on-field performance, which has equated to more success as a team-and they have also begun to transfer these skills to other areas of their lives, such as academics and social relations. It has also provided me the tools to train other coaches to do the same with their players. As a result, I was asked to speak at a youth football coaches meeting, and have been asked to host a coaching clinic next spring. I have also been asked to speak to the coaches and players of a youth Lacrosse team, which tells me that IMGCA philosophies and mental training methods transcend any particular sport and can help both players and coaches develop skills and set and achieve goals that bring success both on an individual and team basis. I've never met a coach who denied the relationship between an athlete's mental approach and his/her performance in practice and competition, and I strongly encourage and recommend the IMGCA certification program as a means to teaching themselves, other coaches, and the athletes they work with how to put the two together. English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said that "education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge". Whether you've been coaching for 20 years or have just begun, Bill Cole and IMGCA certification training can and will help you utilize cutting-edge mental game approaches and make you a better coach."

Phil DuBois
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Former professional football player, NFL Washington Redskins
Longtime Youth Sports Coach
Springfield, Virginia

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have gone through the IMGCA Certification process with you. As a past professional athlete, I wish I would have been smart enough to realize the benefits of the mental game. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from you in our in-depth conversations. Your expertise in the subject I really believe is among the very best. Your program was very beneficial in that I wasn't just given a manual and told to fill it out as I see in some certification classes. I was very interested in the process of learning and implementing the mental game and you have done a fantastic job in covering all the bases. I know this certification will put me on the right path to be able to teach the skills necessary for my students to achieve higher success in reaching their ultimate dreams. Thanks again for all your help!"

Billy Fritz
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Former Professional Golfer

"I undertook the training to broaden my knowledge of the mental game of 'Life'. I found the training and one to one coaching with Bill Cole to be absolutely without doubt excellent. I was able to gain a great understanding from our calls with Bill each week.

Bill is an expert in his field and can pitch the training at just the right level for each student... I found the website material and archives to provide endless material for reference and also to help formulate trainings for my clients. Without any hesitation if you are interested in learning about mental game coaching this is the place to be, stop your search now and get on to the programme."

Alan Kane Dip K, APBP
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Pain Relief Clinic
Alan Kane Dip K, APBP
              Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
              Pain Relief Clinic

"Bill Cole has continually been at the forefront of a transformative movement in sport and performance. He is a pioneer who has enthusiastically promoted and personally expanded the mental game field with effective processes and indispensable articles. And so, it is truly a privilege to be recognized as a mental game coach by such a respected and prominent leader in the field. Bill has amassed a wealth of information and valuable, usable resources. He instructs fluidly - sharing material, answering questions, and guiding towards understanding. Not only did Bill teach me with a straight-forward and tangible approach, he is a warm, immensely encouraging, and accessible instructor. After researching several coaching options, I am thrilled that I chose Bill Cole’s IMGCA certification. I have learned so much from Bill and felt prepared and eager to create my project. I have already started embedding the material I learned into my personal evolution and professional practice. My newly-minted coaching skills will fundamentally and positively influence the growth and performance of all my clients. Becoming an IMGCA certified mental game coach has been a first-rate experience and the journey is just beginning!"

Jane Bahou, MA, LMFT
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

Jane Bahou

"I strongly recommend the IMGCA Mental Game Coaching certification program for anyone looking to further their knowledge about mental game coaching, build or expand their business, and/or grow on a personal level. This program is a great investment and provides numerous benefits to its participants and graduates.

Furthermore, the IMGCA certification program is a wonderful value! I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of resources the program offers, including: articles, videos, audios, suggested books and websites, resource guides, assessments, checklists, a workbook, and more.

In addition to the wonderful resources you receive, you also get to work individually with IMGCA founder and president, Bill Cole. While Bill is obviously an expert in the field, I appreciated the fact that he is a wonderful coach and instructor as well. Bill made sure my certification program was individualized and tailored to me specifically; he fit his coaching/instructing style to best suit my learning style and personality; and he offered real-world stories and solutions in addition to content. Additionally, he has been very approachable and supportive - I can tell he really wants those he coaches to be successful and benefit from the program.

Before starting the IMGCA mental game coaching certification I did a lot of research on the various certification programs offered. After much research and consideration, I chose IMGCA; and I am so happy I did! I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge and skills to use, both as a professional and an athlete."

Caitlyn Worledge, MS, LPC
Certified Mental Game Instructor
Mental Game Perspective
Flower Mound, TX, USA
Caitlyn Worledge

"Many people refer to the famed NBA Coach Phil Jackson as the 'Zen Master' of basketball due to his unique values and qualities. I view IMGCA President and Founder Bill Cole in the same light due to his qualities as a human being, teacher, mentor, and coach. His wisdom, calm demeanor, great listening skills, and instruction were second to none! I would come out of each IMGCA training session with valuable takeaways that I could apply immediately in my own life and for my clients.

From my initial contact with Bill, he was very responsive and thorough in answering all my questions through email and during the consultation call and it didn't stop there. He kept me engaged throughout the entire training process with check-ins and provided just enough nudge to keep me moving forward, always offering his help and guidance to earn the Level I Certification.

The IMGCA private backroom certification program website is the central hub of endless classic, time-honored mental game techniques and the latest mental game coaching tools and resources Bill has collected over decades. I consider this site to be 'the encyclopedia of mental game coaching'. You can browse this private site for hours upon hours and will never stop learning. I found incredible value in the audios, journals, videos, tools, and links provided through my membership and certification training and plan to continue using these applied psychology tools and resources in my own life and to help future connections.

Mental game coaching is applicable to all aspects of life whether it be business, career, or sports and if you've been browsing the IMGCA site contemplating whether or not to sign up for the certification program, I'd encourage you to take that step and train with Bill. You will thank me for it later. He's one of the pioneers in mental game coaching and the first undergraduate in the world to graduate with a degree in Sports Psychology. What makes Bill more special is that he understands the perspectives of athletes, trainers, and coaches at all levels and personalizes the training to your needs and goals and takes you on the ride at your desired pace."

John Kim, MBA
Level I Mental Game Instructor
Los Angeles, California
John Kim

"Having the opportunity to learn from the pioneer of the Mental Game, Bill Cole, that is very rare. He is the best coach, mentor and educator that I have ever met.

He is patient in explaining, very thorough and precise in his feedback and very professional in his approach. He was able to give me a very practical approach and pointers so that I was able to use them almost immediately. This is the one of the best investments that I have ever made on myself so far. So just go for it!

I looked forward to my coaching sessions with Bill. He is very attentive and he made me comfortable in asking questions and tapped into his vast experience in this field. Our coaching sessions normally turn into interesting discussions, at the end of every session, I was learning so much. I am looking forward to continue my certification to the next level. It is so much fun, learning and creating under the guidance of Bill Cole.

I was looking for coaching certification that is different but yet fascinating. I came across IMGCA Certification. Even without registering into the program yet, the explanation that was offered was extensive and very detailed. I love the structure of the program. It is easily understandable, and the amount of resources like videos, audios, and articles offered is more than enough for the students to understand about the program and to use them immediately.

Mental Game Coaching complements the work that I am doing right now. It gives me a different perspective of peak performance, not only in sports but also other areas like in business and life. The fundamentals, methodology and principles are very aligned to what I am doing now. I highly recommend Mental Game Coaching to those who want to understand, support and expand their skills in the mental game. Having the certification will certainly give you the professional edge with others."

Shafizal Shahidan
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor

Shafizal Shahidan

"Participating in the IMGCA Certification Program has been one of my best decisions. Bill's great experience in the field of mental game coaching is worth more than thousands of books. He has answers for each question and they usually come with an interesting story. What is more, he is doing it with ease. He enhances his student's mental game by his kind, professional approach.

It does not matter if you are an athlete or any type of coach. IMGCA Certification gives you all you need for building a strong mental game. So do not hesitate, make a decision and act."

Lukas Piperek
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Former professional hockey player

Lukas Piperek

"There is no doubt in my mind as to how Bill Cole became so successful in the world of Performance Psychology and Sports Psychology. His ability to teach me in a way specific to my goals and to my past experience is what has made this process of getting my certification with IMGCA so amazing. The biggest takeaway I have gotten thus far from Bill Cole is to never stop being a sponge. He would often reiterate to me that he was learning from me just as much as I was learning from him. This statement humbled me to want to learn as much as possible to get to the point where my mentor is. This is a great certification for anyone looking to impact lives in performing better, not only in sports, but in life as well.

I will always be thankful for the care and attention that Bill Cole gives his students. This is different than any other program you can find due to the curriculum being shaped to fit you and your career needs. Bill Cole has a passion for teaching people to become mental skills trainers just as much as he has a passion for helping athletes who want to advance their mental skills. There is no other training out there like IMGCA."

Dakota Patton
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Loveland, Colorado

Dakota Patton

"I highly recommend Bill Cole if you want to learn the skills of teaching peak performance skills or get coached yourself. I am a board certified psychiatrist, and elite track coach, with an MA in exercise physiology and found Bill's teachings to be highly practical and relevant. He also has a wonderful style about meeting you where you are and helping you advance quickly. His experience, which he gladly shares, is second to none!"

Armand Benjamin, MD
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Physician at Ventura County Behavioral Health Department,
Ventura, California

Armand Benjamin

"The IMGCA mental game coach certification program is simply fantastic and has had a tremendous effect on my mental game. I can safely say that it has taken my tennis to the next level and most importantly, Bill Cole has equipped me with specific tools and techniques to help sportsmen achieve peak performance in their respective sport. I am an avid sportsman and have been a runner-up in my district tennis championship. Additionally, I am a former state level hockey player. My schooling has been from the prestigious Mayo College, in Ajmer, India, popularly known as 'The Eton of the East'. I have also represented the school team in hockey, soccer, cricket, squash and table-tennis. Currently my favorite sport is tennis and I am playing at a good level. I have been a part time tennis coach in my ex-school, helping young children look at sports and competition from a broader perspective. Tennis being more of a mental game, I wanted to make myself psychologically stronger to overcome my mental blocks and also to help young children enjoy and improve their game who very often get frustrated by over-exerting themselves, leading to 'Burn Out' in order to desperately reach the coveted top slot. This is when I found the IMGCA certification program run by Bill Cole and since then there has been no looking back.

Bill's program is simply excellent!! He has a deep insight on mental game coaching, and is inspiring, practical and supportive. Bill has specific tools and techniques for each aspect of mental game coaching which are easy to understand and apply.

The best part of the certification program is that it is tailor-made, customized and personalized to each student. It is not a 'one size fits all' which needs to be finished in a specified time limit. It is very flexible and student specific. The videos, audios and articles are all top class and easy to access.

Lastly and most importantly, the IMGCA certification program helps in achieving peak performance through understanding and reaching the 'zone' as often as possible. These zone conditions can be practiced and reached in doing our daily activities. This leads to doing things more passionately, excellently, with more awareness and in a focused way, avoiding unnecessary mental dissipation of vital energy. Surely a grand road to a better world!!"

Kulwant Singh
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Ajmer, India

Kulwant Singh

"I have been a Family Practitioner for three decades, and I decided to add a new specialty to my medical practice, mental performance coaching. I have no words to explain the levels of confidence and knowledge I have gained from IMGCA training. After Level I training I am so confident I feel I could become the mental game coach of a major pro sports team.

I am already utilizing mental game coaching methods in my practice.

Bill Cole is a magnificent director of mind, and he has created a winning environment for us to learn the concepts, skills and tools of mental game coaching. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Bill is a thought leader in the mental coaching world. He has been mental coach in over 75 sports, and has been mental coach or consultant to Olympic athletes who have won bronze, silver and gold medals.

The IMGCA certification program is a mental training encyclopedia. The private certification backroom area has hundreds and hundreds of articles, audios, videos, lectures, seminars, TV interviews and many mind-blowing subjects. There are over 80 hours of audio recordings alone. The learning never stops with my certification. Even though I have now graduated, I have continuous access to all this great mental game content, 24-7, and IMGCA is adding new material all the time. The IMGCA training program is incredibly comprehensive in its scope.

I am now confident I can assist many different types of sportspersons as a mental coach and I thank Bill for that. I thoroughly enjoyed level I training. I strongly recommend IMGCA certification to every coach and every athlete who wants to build a world-class mental approach."

Dr. Lingappa S. Yuvaraj
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Family Practitioner, Obesity Consultant
St. Lucia, West Indies

"I'm so pleased I chose IMGCA for my mental game coaching certification! Bill Cole exceeded my expectations as an instructor and facilitator.

Certainly, all that I have learned will enhance my coaching business. Bill's expertise and experience was evident in every phone conversation and email correspondence. He not only answered every question I had (and I had a lot!) throughout my training, but made sure questions were answered thoroughly and he gave specific scenarios and examples of what I may encounter while coaching. Bill helped me prepare a presentation where I received very positive feedback from athletes. I owe it to Bill for all the insight he gave me with public speaking and talking with a team versus a single client.

Bill customized my training to how I will be using it in the field. This was important to me because of the type of coaching business I have. There is such a wealth of information in the IMGCA certification program, it would be easy to be overwhelmed, but IMGCA has a Quick-Start Guide that directed me to the core, critical content, and I was able to rapidly get up to speed. There is so much deep content in the articles, checklists, audios and videos, that I will be coming back to the website for many months to come.

This certification process is excellent because you can access the materials online, anytime! I read articles daily, listened to teleclasses while cleaning the house and in the car. There are so many resources available aside from the one on one conversations with Bill. I plan on continuing my training with Bill to be certified in the higher levels of IMGCA because of the positive experience with IMGCA's program."

Julie Merrick
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Camarillo, California

Julie Merrick

"The IMGCA Certification program has probably been the best investment I have ever made in terms of wanting to learn a practical way to teach the mental game. My time with Bill Cole was extremely enjoyable and productive. Not only did he help me understand the mental game further, but more importantly, he helped me outline a step by step approach to working with athletes. It only took a few minutes into the first training session for me to know that Bill Cole is committed to helping you excel as a coach.

Another wonderful aspect of the program was the fact that it wasn't a cookie cutter, one size fits all program. Bill worked with me one-on-one to be sure that he met me at the point of my need. The tips, strategies, and handouts that are provided only added an extra touch to an already great program. This certification will pay for itself if you simply apply what you learn throughout the training.

The IMGCA Certification program exceeded my expectations and I fully recommend it to anybody who is or wants to become a Mental Game Coach."

Kevin Nathaniel
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Mental Strength Coach/Consultant
The CHAMP Factor
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Kevin Nathaniel

"I had the pleasure of receiving my certification as a mental game practitioner from Bill Cole, Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association. Bill is a master at breaking down complex sport psychology terminology and techniques into plain language through the use of some very clever analogies that really hit home for me. He is very real in his approach in that he does not speak over your head, but instead listens to your questions and helps you develop a better understanding of the mental game and how you can be of assistance to increasing your client's performance in his or her sport. His professional and encouraging nature gave me the confidence that I could have an impact in this most important and often under-addressed realm in sports. For anyone looking to improve their skills in the mental game, the IMGCA certification program is very highly recommended."

Certified Mental Game Instructor

Ryan Long

"Attention all tennis coaches! I have found what you all have been looking for! This is a course that all coaches in all fields should consider taking if they want to be the best in their profession. Too many coaches focus on many aspects of their sport except the most important -- The Mental Game. If 90% of all sports is mental, then why aren't more coaches lining up at the door to learn the mental side of their sport?

Bill Cole is an expert in the Mental Game. His achievements as an international mind coach, top-level champion athlete, and his background in academic sports psychology and clinical psychology work are infused throughout this training. He gave me down to earth, practical tips and tools I am using now. The IMGCA certification training program bypasses the theory and fluff that many books have, and he customized my IMGCA program for what I need, now.

This certification will really help me gain more credibility and visibility in the tennis coaching and teaching world.

I wanted this training to learn how to deal with some critical issues in my teaching and coaching business: communicating with difficult personalities, managing big egos on a team, teaching concentration across all skill levels, creating rapport with new students, breath control, the inner game, helping people raise their personal awareness so they can change, how to make students self-accountable in lessons, how to motivate students and how to understand and teach the real fine points of the mental game.

I have been fortunate to learn parts of the mental game as a junior tennis player. However the Mental Game of coaching is very different from learning the mental game as an athlete. He has also helped me manage my ego while coaching. Like me, young coaches think they know everything. I have learned in the past few months that there is still so much to learn in becoming a great coach. Bill has taught me detailed techniques that will better prepare my students for the struggles they will face in a tennis match.

Because I am about to open a tennis academy and will be returning to coach a high school team this year, I will need many of the skills of the mental game that Bill has taught me. These skills are useful for individual coaching and for larger groups. In my mind you can't really call yourself a coach unless you have had some sort of mental game coaching!

Thanks Bill for everything! I can't wait for some of the situations we have talked about to appear so I can use my new coaching tools. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue learning all I can about the mental game!"

Ashvin Soin
Director, Breakpoint Tennis Academy
USPTA Certified Tennis Professional
Saratoga, CA

Ashvin Soin

"My name is Patrick McArdle. Before taking the IMGCA level one certification course, I looked into other mental training certification programs.  For the design alone, not just to mention the price, I found IMGCA to be the one for me. The IMGCA certification allowed me, unlike some other programs, to work directly with the teacher, Bill Cole. Each session is geared personally to your needs and goals. In each session, you send a note about what you wish to examine in the field of sports psychology. Bill sends you back a prep sheet. You then meet on the phone or by video for at least an hour.  There is a lot of back and forth discussion and Bill really is a great teacher. He takes the time to make sure you get and understand the golden nuggets of sports psychology he is handing you.  Then you make a plan for how you will use these nuggets.

Another great aspect of this certification program is the vast library of other phone conversations listed by topic. So rather than spend your time with Bill asking about how to deal with, say, bullying coaches, you can listen to a conversation he had with another student about just that topic. The information on there is amazingly diverse and valuable.

In your final project, you can pick almost any aspect of sports psychology and any format and put something together that is useful and designed for yourself.  I found the way this course was designed eliminated the fat and got right to the meat of what each student needed.

Finally. Bill will write up a PR piece that is so positive and glowing you will not believe it is about you.  It is useful for any future clients or business.

Bill Cole has an amazing background in sports psychology and has been involved in this field virtually from the beginning of it coming into the public forum. Yet he can relate to the novice in a way that is not condescending, but is kind and helpful. I cannot recommend this course more. The small price versus the tremendous opportunity to grow and learn from an experienced and giving teacher makes taking it a no brainer."

Patrick McArdle
Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor
Physical Education Teacher/Coach
West Babylon, New York, USA
Patrick Mc Ardle

More Testimonials

"While playing high level competitions week in and week out, I found myself in need of help to develop a solid mental routine before, during and after my golf tournaments. Mr. Bill Cole has given me a great start on this journey.

I have only been working with Mr. Cole for a short period of time and I have seen immediate improvement in my mental game. We have worked on how to be more systematic in my preparation, and how to commit to sticking with my routine in my round. He has an ability to catch important points and sum up my performance in a very positive and helpful way. His notes are also very helpful to help me track my improvement.

I would highly recommend Mr. Bill Cole to athletes who want to improve their mental game."
Angel Sze
Professional golfer
Winner, Women's International 4-Ball Tournament

See more mental game of golf testimonials.

"I realized that a strong mind can help an athlete improve. One can benefit from clearing the mind and emotions."
Raena Lee
Internationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Seoul, Korea

"This workshop helped me have more confidence, and to fence better. From learning this material, I am now closer to reaching my goals. This is a very good program."
HyuNa Lee
Internationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Seoul, Korea

"The most important thing I learned today was how breathing correctly can help us relax and perform in the zone. The mental imagery techniques were very helpful. I wish this workshop could have been longer."
Ethan Lo
Ranked Fencing Competitor
Palo Alto, CA

"I enjoyed today's program because Bill talked about things that should be common sense, but that are not practiced. Thank you!"
Chris Kim
Internationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Seoul, Korea

"I liked how Bill spoke about his experiences as a competitor, and how he related his knowledge of sports psychology to our challenges."
Seo Hyun Kim
Internationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Seoul, Korea

"I enjoyed this program because I learned how to breathe correctly to enhance my mental approach to fencing."
Michael Yoon
Nationally Ranked Fencing Competitor
Tilton School, New Hampshire

"Coach Bill knows how kids feel about pressure. He is detailed, accurate and has new ideas I've not heard before. This was a very fun and unique workshop. His book, The Mental Game of Sports, taught me about becoming sensate and deep breathing and it will help me remember what I learned."
Mihir Raja
Fremont, CA
Top-ten National ranking in badminton

"I found Bill Cole when my professional dance partner and teacher commented that in order for me to reach higher levels of International Latin Competitive Dance I needed to change my attitude! That immediately sent me searching and I found Bill Cole! The great news is...I began working with him on a weekly basis where he presented me with his amazing strategies to get out of my head and into my body, centering and focus and tons more of effective performance tools. With his guidance I can now actually perform! He is extremely generous with his vast amount of knowledge, tools and support that will help you reach your performance goals. He also displays complete dedication to his clients. In a very short time I went from not trusting who I am as a dancer to one who now owns the dance floor. Thanks Bill!"
Wendy Van de Poll
International Latin Competitive Dancer

"Bill Cole is a mind guru...he is among the elite mental game peak performance experts in this country."
American Society of Anesthesiologists

"Coach Bill is GREAT!!! This workshop was very helpful and interesting! Coach Bill is kid-friendly and let us have our own opinions. He was fun and helped me understand the mental game of badminton. I learned how not to think about the past or future and how to stay relaxed and how to control myself when I compete. He taught us techniques of how to manage people when they try to pressure us."
Rithika T.
Fremont, CA
Nationally ranked in badminton

"Bill Cole is a major thought leader in sport psychology, and a mental toughness master...Bill Cole is a world-class mental game coach who gets world-class results."
Rodney King - Performance Enhancement Coach - Johannesburg, South Africa
Voted one of the top 20 martial artists in the world by Black Belt Magazine

"You are masterful at getting the audience to own their questions by asking them deeper questions. You have an obvious wealth of knowledge on leadership with down-to-earth examples and thought-provoking ideas that everyone could relate to in their world."
San Jose Leadership Council

"Cole has experienced the pressure of tournament play in professional events in the US and Canada. He has investigated the mental side of the game through interviews with the world's top playing pros such as Harold Solomon, Guillermo Vilas, Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall."
The Woodlands Sun Newspaper
The Woodlands, Texas

"Bill is the Zen Master of Tennis Instruction--much better than a trip to a therapist's office!"
Elaine Goldstone, #1-Ranked USTA 3.5 Women's Doubles Champion, Grand Prix Northern California

"As before, your presentation was done in a professional and outstanding manner."
Craig Tiley, Assistant Director, Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"Mind over tennis balls is his story of success. This coach fine tunes mental strategies."
San Jose Mercury News Headline

"Bill Cole is a world-class coach... A speaker's speaker."
National Speakers Association

"Bill Cole...has developed a comprehensive mental training course aimed at promoting peak performance."
Michael Cronk, Staff Writer
San Jose Mercury News

"Excellent presentation and reminder of tools we quickly forget."
Melissa Strickland, Administrator
Guliford Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center
Greensboro, North Carolina

"This was a very important program. Coach Bill is very insightful and very encouraging. Coach Bill is very knowledgeable and has many good techniques. He gave us many examples and asked us to demonstrate in front of the class. He taught us how not to be influenced by outside pressures and instead of how to focus on our own game and the present time zone. His book, The Mental Game of Sports, taught me many good examples of what to do and of what not to do. It has many very good references."
Claire Chen
Fremont, CA
Nationally ranked in badminton

"Excellent! Bill Cole is the coach's coach. He really knows about peak performance and the mental game."
Neil Fiore, PhD., psychotherapist,
Founder and President of Self-Leadership Seminars,
author of the books, The Now Habit : A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play, and The Road Back to Health : Coping With the Emotional Aspects of Cancer and the audio tape The Five Keys to Permanent Stress Reduction.

"Many thanks for the most fascinating ideas you shared with us...and thank you for all the truly beneficial help you have given me throughout the seminar...thank you for all the advice and ideas; they will surely benefit me throughout my life. Mostly thanks for the inspiration you have given me."
Fred Forman, Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"Bill is wonderfully personable, and I love his metaphors."
Elayne Savage
psychotherapist and author of the books, Don't Take It Personally and Breathing Room
Berkeley, CA

"It is such a pleasure to have had you present as our Guest Speaker for our June Quarterly Meeting. You were fabulous! We have received so much positive feedback from the coaches who attended. We shall certainly look forward to our next opportunity to hear you speak again. We shall highly recommend you for other speaking engagements as well."
Shannon Seek Feher, Executive Chair
Professional And Personal Coaches Association
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

"The relaxation and letting go techniques were great tools."
Linda Knowles, Administrator
West Coast Orthopedics
Arcadia, California

"On target. In the zone. Entertaining. Highly educational. Funny and fast-moving. Insightful.

These were some of the comments our campers and staff made about Bill Cole's training program, The Mental Game of Hockey. We asked Bill to come in to our youth hockey camp to make a presentation on sports psychology for our campers, ages 8-15, at the Sharks Ice @ San Jose (home of the NHL San Jose Sharks) in San Jose, California. We were delighted with Bill's program, and learned a ton. This initial sports psychology program went so well, we are planning on having Bill speak at future hockey camps.

Bill entertained and educated us with insightful stories about many of the teams, athletes, coaches and parents he has coached in the mental game, and how we can learn from them so we don't make the mistakes they made. He has a wonderful way of teaching us nuggets of wisdom, while simply talking to us like a friend does, sincerely, and with intensity and purpose. Bill is a riveting speaker, and kept the kids' attention all the way through. That is no small feat!

Bill's years of successful experience really show up when he speaks. He has an amazing command of his material. He never used any notes, engaged the audience, took questions throughout the program, and did it all with a great sense of humor. His ability to relate to all ages and skill levels is remarkable. I could listen to Bill all day long.

Some of the most powerful techniques Bill taught us were centering, meditation, visualization, breath control, self-coaching, mental toughness, self-monitoring, the zone and how to create a positive mental attitude. He taught us exactly what we need to be successful in our sport. He not only taught the concepts, but he gave us specific methods to help us learn and execute these principles in our practices and our competitions. My staff and I learned many new mental approaches we have been able to put into practice with our students on and off the ice immediately. Bill has shortened our learning curve dramatically. I can tell that many of our campers' higher levels of performance are directly related to the mental game approaches Bill shared with us that day. Thank you Bill!

If your organization wants to hear from a leading expert in sports psychology, Bill Cole is one of the top mental game coaches and speakers in the country. You should contact Bill today. He is a fantastic speaker, a highly experienced sports psychology consultant, and he will help take your sports program to the next level. Bill has the right stuff!"

Phil Huynh
Director / Owner
Total Performance Hockey School
Sunnyvale, California

"Coach Bill has the winning blueprint to help you feel more confident, polished and prepared in any speaking or performing situation. His energetic and witty approach makes learning fun. It's obvious he loves what he does and he's the best at it."
Nancy Pristine, author of the books The Zen Of Tennis and The Victory Dance: Placing Yourself in the Winner's Circle

"My daughter is a top ranked badminton player in the USA. Some of her results:

2009 USA Junior National Championship
s She won #3 for Under 11 Girl's Singles
She won #3 for Under 11 Girl's Doubles

2009 Pan Am (Pan American) Junior International Badminton Championships (16 countries joined the event)
She won #3 for Under 11 Girl's Doubles

2010 USA Junior National Championships
She won #6 for Under 13 Girl's Singles
She won #4 for Under 13 Girl's Doubles
She won #5 for Under 13 Mixed Doubles

2011 Northern California Badminton Junior Open
She won #1 for Under 13 Girl's Singles
She won #2 for Under 13 Girl's Doubles

Her goals in badminton are to be number 1 in singles, doubles and mixed in her age group in USA.

Julie had shown some mental issues in various tournaments, for instance she lacked confidence when facing stronger players, she felt nerves when parents and peers were watching her play, and cheering for her opponents. She felt tense and lost patience when her matches were tough. She needed the mental component to continue winning at the highest levels, and to be able to overcome some of the inner roadblocks that kept her from that.

We were delighted to find mental coach Bill Cole, and started working with him on Julie's mental game. We were very happy to learn that Bill had himself been a top nationally-ranked badminton player in college. He reached the quarterfinals of the NCAA National Badminton Championships, and used to practice weekly with numerous national champions. So we were relieved to find someone like Bill who not only was a top athlete, but also a very successful mental coach. We knew that would be the ideal combination in a mental coach--someone who knows what their clients are going through. Another thing that really convinced us to work with Bill was the incredible list of testimonials on his web site. There are over 300 testimonials there! He has worked with world champions, world record-holders, national champions and other athletes at every level, and in over 55 sports. We knew that Bill could help our daughter.

Bill is an extremely experienced mental coach. We LOVE to work with him.

Bill is very giving with his time. He answered all our questions and spent extra time with us often. He is a pleasure to work with. He has a good sense of humor and knows how to create rapport with children our daughter's age. Bill taught Julie about the psychology of mental preparation, focus, how to use rituals, refocus, handle mental problems in matches, mental toughness, breathing techniques, visualization, how to control her thoughts, how to relax her muscles, emotions and mind, how to get into the zone and how to be confident. The mental game techniques he teaches are easy to learn. Bill is a very dedicated and patient teacher and it is obvious that he loves teaching. Julie was able to use everything Bill taught right away, and we could see the difference immediately. She is much more able to stay calm, focused, and relaxed under pressure.

Our results:

After just our very first session with Bill my daughter won 2nd place in a local tournament (2011 UBC Northern California Championships) in U13 Girl's Singles, beating a girl she had lost to two months ago. She applied Bill's ritual techniques, and reduced her serving errors a lot.

And one and a half months later, Julie competed in the 2011 Northern California Badminton Junior Open, which is a USA Badminton Sanctioned Junior Ranking Tournament Sponsored by Yonex. Julie achieved amazing results:

She won first place for Under 13 Girl's Singles (and achieved a ranking as the #1 player in Under 13 Girl's Singles in Norcal)

She won second place for Under 13 Girl's Doubles (and achieved a ranking as the #1 player in Under 13 Girl's Doubles)

Bill is extremely supportive, and in a timely manner, he replied to our emails quickly over the weekends, giving us guidance, tips and excellent mental support throughout the tournament. My daughter used Bill's methods, and when she was losing, she remained confident and she was able to fight strongly, to the very end of the match, got it back and won, and that was truly amazing. She had never successfully come from behind before in a match.

Here are my daughter's comments about how Bill's coaching helped her achievements:

'Bill helped me by giving me lots of confidence. He also reminded me that beating a tough player isn't impossible. I really thought that your teachings helped me achieve today's result.'

Bill helped our daughter improve her mental approach to badminton, and we are very grateful to Bill for all his assistance and guidance. We highly recommend Bill as a mental coach for your child."

Hua Zhang
San Jose, CA

July 2011 - Post date to the above letter from Hua Zhang:
As a result of competitive play at the national level, Julie has achieved the #1 ranking in the United States for Girls Singles Badminton 13 and under. She also earned the #9 ranking in the United States for Girls Singles Badminton 15 and under.

"Coach Cole has the remarkable ability to get into an athlete's 'crazy mind', and has now become an integral part of my finding the path to training and competitive success. His prodigious understanding and commitment as a coach gives him the ability to help individuals of all capacities succeed in the spectrum of mental training. Coach Cole now manages every aspect of my mental training, fear control, confidence, and focus. His expertise and experience is inimitable, and is irreplaceably valuable to my athletic career."

Aimee Anaya, Olympic Weight Lifting Champion
Aimee Everett
Olympic Weight Lifting
United States National Champion
American Open Silver Medalist
Masters US National Champion
Masters World Cup Champion
Masters American Record Holder
Former Olympic Training Center Resident
Olympic Trials Coach

"The sport that I strive to be the best at is breakaway rodeo roping. I have been riding horses and have been involved with rodeo most of my life. The majority of my success came in the early 90's. I have been ranked, in and out of the top fifteen and runner-up in the Championships.

Since then I have struggled with having a good horse and making practice a priority. These two things led to more problems that saw my confidence slowly erode to "full-on" choking and mental game issues that made me consider giving up my lifetime hobby and dreams. In a last-ditch effort I did some searching and found Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach. The skills, optimism, hope, and techniques that he has taught me have changed my life.

I am enjoying the new mental and physical techniques and the marked improvement in my overall game. It's so fun to have new and promising thoughts in my head. This spring brings the new rodeo season and with Bill's guidance I have confidence that it will be the best I've had in 20 years.

If you are doubting yourself, if you have lost confidence, and if you are wondering how you can possibly get it back, I strongly suggest you call Bill and speak with him – today. Bill is compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental, insightful and easy to talk with. He cares about his clients. He helped me believe in myself – and he can help you believe too."

Niki Greenwood, breakaway  rodeo roper
Niki Greenwood
Breakaway Rodeo Roper
Caldwell, Idaho

"My IMGCA certification training program with Bill Cole has been the best teacher-student experience I've ever had. Bill is always full of energy, in good humor and above all a repository of important, vital information. It is absolutely unbelievable how he can answer every question, illustrated with a specific, pertinent example from his teaching, coaching, consulting or playing experiences, and tell stories about the material with any sport.

Working with Bill is invigorating, inspiring and exciting. I always looked forward to each session and left feeling uplifted and full of energy. Bill got me in the "zone" in each class.

Once again Bill, thank you for your great attitude, your selfless sharing of your own experiences and your obvious desire to help me grow as a coach. It was an unforgettable experience and I look forward to our next certification training level!"
Bc. Jan Moravec, DiS.
The Czech Republic

"Bill Cole has provided our company with fantastic pre-game mental routines, which we've used to help with some of the athletes we work with. These techniques have included mental imagery, reverse visualization and a range of breathing techniques.

After speaking with him over skype it was clear he is the guru in sports psychology. Bill is a truly motivated and passionate individual. He is always happy to help and is generous with his time and energy. I can't recommend Bill enough.

Bill not only has the knowledge and expertise in this area, far greater than anyone else I've spoken to, but he also has the experience to back it up. It's clear he's worked with a vast range of athletes and can cater to many different sports. If you're looking for a passionate and experienced coach, Bill is your guy.

Bill has provided us with significant value, from providing examples of pre-performance mental routines to sending us videos of these routines in action. All the material Bill has sent me is of the highest quality and is all evidence backed, an area which many other coaches overlook. If you truly want the best coaching and materials to will improve your performance, Bill is the best person to see."
Andrew Dewez
Project Coordinator
Sydney, Australia


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