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To Athletes, Coaches and Parents
From Bill Cole, MS, MA

Sports psychology is one of those cutting-edge disciplines poised on the edge of art and science. The mind game is one of the most important, yet often most elusive and ineffable elements in all of sport.

Having a strong mental game is the Make-It-Or-Break-It skill that separates the winners from the You-Came-So-Close crowd. The mental game is the ultimate X-factor, that hidden dimension of sport that winners possess and losers wish for.

I don't know if you are happy with your mental skills, but my guess is, you probably think you could improve your sport by improving your mind, and that's the reason you're reading this.

Perhaps you're a middle school or grade school athlete, competing in your chosen sport, yet you want that extra edge to help you make the school team, or to get your ranking higher, or to compete at a higher level. Maybe you are looking ahead to making the high school team soon.

Perhaps you're a high school athlete, frustrated with knowing that with just a little better mental approach to your sport, you could be great. Maybe you're struggling with controlling your mind, and with some specialized help, you believe you could really take things to the next level. Maybe even get that college scholarship.

Perhaps you're a college athlete, competing at a high level, yet your performances are inconsistent, and lack the deep focus required to succeed at such rarified stratas. You are looking for better mental preparation that will regularly catapult you into the zone. You want to reach your goals before you graduate. Maybe you're thinking about playing pro afterwards.

If you're a professional athlete, it's a slam-dunk that you need a solid mental game approach--every day, all day. Anything less, and you're sunk. Need we say more?

And of course, every athlete, at every level must have mental toughness.

Maybe you're a coach or parent of one of these dedicated athletes, and you want to help them reach the pinnacle of their potential. You see them succeed, and you see them struggle, and you know, with a little help, they could be in the winner's circle much more often. Maybe you want help in coaching them. Maybe you just want them to enjoy their sport more.

Whatever your reason, thanks for visiting our web site today, and for looking into sports psychology coaching with us.

If you're feeling the desire to look into sports psychology coaching, I invite you to read more about our sports psychology Coaching Services, including links to articles on peak performance, information on our coaching and an introductory sports psychology Assessment (SPQA) Package you will find interesting and helpful.

Or, you can kick the tires on sports psychology coaching with us by calling and chatting about your needs for a few minutes, at no charge. We're happy to see if there is a good fit and chemistry. If we can't help, maybe we can direct you to some resources near your home town.

First, a quick overview of why people choose me as their sports psychology coach. They typically want to:

  • Learn how to psych up for every practice, coaching session and competition.
  • Make mental toughness a strength in their sports performance.
  • Stop mentally beating themselves up and self-destructing when they perform below expectations.
  • Know how to get into the performance zone, naturally and easily, every time.
  • Handle the dreaded mind games opponents launch at critical times.
  • Harness the secrets of game momentum to win more.
  • Gain more satisfaction from their sport.
  • Reach new levels of performance.
  • Transfer lessons learned in sport to the rest of their life and business.

I wish you the best of success in your sport. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Bill Cole, MS, MA, The Mental Game Coach™

P.S. Everyone wonders how we can do this coaching, if we're unable to meet face to face. Frankly, sometimes I'm amazed at how well it works without meeting in person. I've coached people from all over the world, by telephone and email. This virtual coaching system works great. To learn more about the process, go to the Frequently Asked Questions section about our coaching systems.

P.P.S. I should mention that one of the most important features of private coaching is the confidentiality of the relationship. This is what gives the power to the process of coaching. People always report that this is a critical reason they find coaching so valuable.

P.P.P.S. Our Coaching Sessions Are Guaranteed.

I guarantee the quality of our coaching sessions. I guarantee to you that each coaching session will be of the highest quality, and will give you the best cutting-edge content and success strategies. However, I cannot predict, know, monitor or guarantee what you will do with the lessons, insights and content learned in these sessions. Therefore, when you use our coaching, materials and products you are not guaranteed to improve learning, performance, income, health, fitness or specific earnings. No one can guarantee such outcomes because your results will depend on variables and factors outside our control including, but not limited to: your motivation, your diligence and discipline, your capabilities, your creativity, your health and fitness, your compliance with our recommendations and suggestions, and other factors which neither party has control over.

I will ask you, many times in each coaching session, if things make sense, and if you know how to practice and actually use what we discuss, and what I teach you. At the end of each coaching session, I will ask if that session met your expectations. If you say yes, we will consider that session successful. If you say no, I will spend additional time with you, at no additional charge, at that time, or at a mutually convenient time, to resolve your concerns. If I cannot resolve your concerns at that time, I will refund all your monies paid for that particular coaching session in question. If this coaching session in question was part of a package, when you receive a refund for that session, we will also refund the rest of your unused coaching package monies. This will be prorated per the package you purchased, not at the full non-package hourly rate. Whenever you make the next coaching package payment that is due or make a pay as you go payment, this indicates that you are satisfied with the coaching up to that point, and that you wish to continue the coaching program.

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